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Phone Call by obiwan [Reviews - 2]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 07:15:36 -0800 (PST)
Name: Saffi
Location: North Carolina

Yay for me, I have another story to share! I'm not sure if this is paranormal or anything, but I thought it was creepy so I'm sharing it with you.

Just to give you a little history, my great-grandma was named Lisa M. (I'm keeping the last name to myself for personal reasons.) and she died about two years ago, in January 2005. She lived with my grandparents and never had a proper burial. Her ashes are kept in her closet in the room she stayed in in my grandparents' house.

One day I was at my grandparents' house alone, messing around on the computer. The phone rung and I answered it, thinking it would be my mom or grandpa. When I answered it, a voice I had never heard said "Hello, may I speak to Lisa M.?"

"Um, sorry, but Lisa died a year and a half ago.... what did you want to tell her?"

There was a long silence between us, and all I heard was the person on the other line breathing and my heart beating.

"Um, nothing. Say, do you know where Lisa was buried?"

"She wasn't buried. Her ashes are sitting in a closet."

Another pause. I scanned the room as the person started to say, "That's okay. I guess." Then came a part that really scared me. "If you ever see her, tell her she owes me big time." Then they hung up.

If you ever see her? When would I ever see her? I got really scared. Forty minutes later my mom came home and I told her what happened. My mom said it was probably my cousin playing a joke on me, but it didn't sound like his voice at all. But I just agreed on the cousin part to make her happy and not creep her out. But who was this person? What did they want? It sounded like the voice of a mid-aged man. He couldn't have gone to school or work with her, because Lisa was 86 when she died and hadn't worked for over forty years... And what did Lisa "owe" this person? She never gambled or make bets, and she never killed or stole. This person seemed like they really knew her. But the worse part was, they seemed to know that she was dead.

If anyone has had anything like this happen to them, please e-mail me at

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