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Graveyard Spirit by obiwan [Reviews - 1]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 07:05:42 -0700 (PDT)
Name: annonymus
Location: north carolina

I live in the mountains of north carolina and there are alot of hauntings given the area that i am in but here are my stories.

My cousin and I were takeing a walk through the woods by my house when we came up on an old grave yard. We were looking at the grave stones and noticed they all were dates from the time of the civil war. She didn't really think much of it but I was facinated by it and went back a couple of times in the years following. I stopped going and lost interest and thats when things started happening. I was in my bathroom talking to my sister, who was in the shower, when I looked towards the door leading to the hallway I saw a tall, dark man standing in the door. I looked away and when I realized that there was nobody else in the house but the two of us my hair stood on end. I turned back towards the door and he was gone. Soon after,other stuff started to happen. The water for the washing machiene would get turned off, the thermostate would be turned up and down, things would fall, my cat would suddenly go crazy and screetch at the top of her lungs and look up at the cieling. None of it really scared me, it didn't feel like an evil precense so as time passed i got used to him and he eventually calmed down and only on occasion did something to catch attention. 4 years went by and then one evening,about 2 months ago, I was home alone and my boyfriend was coming over. Since I had been working all day I decided to take a shower before he got there. I kept hearing things being moved in the bathroom but assumed it was just my cat knocking things around, since she does that. I dropped my razor and when I bent down to pick it up I felt something come through the shower curtain and hit me on the top of the head. It startled me but I figured my boyfriend got there early and let himself into the house and was just trying to scare me. When I stuck my head out to yell at him there was nobody there. I got out and went to investigate, checking every room in the house to make for sure I was alone. When I got to the living room I saw my boyfriends truck pull into the driveway. I know it was my ghost but it jsut caught me off guard because he had never made contact with me before. The next day was the 1 year anniversary to the day my father passed away. All day I had the feeling I wasnt alone, even if I was. I was driving down the road listening to the radio when I felt somthing tickle my ear. I brushed it away and kept driving. I felt it again when I realized, thats what daddy did to me to distract me from whatever I was doing or to get my attention.

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