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Sydney House by obiwan [Reviews - 2]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 06:00:29 -0700 (PDT)
Name: elaine
Location: Sydney Australia

I have many haunting stories to tell..I moved into a rented government owned house, year 2000 in North Parramatta, Sydney NSW Australia, built in the early 1950's. We moved in late at night, my room being the largest, all the boxes were piled into this room with me. A single trail led from my bed to the door..I awoke that night frozen in fear, knowing that I was not alone in my room, for some one was in the room with me... I lived in that house for 5 years, I had to leave eventually, as this person would snuggle up in bed with me at night I would awake to feel her presence, snuggled up behind me, with an arm around my waist. It would walk through the house at night, so loudly it would waken me. The hall light had to be on each night to ensure I didnt have other unwelcome intruders... My daughter shared the house with me, I heard her (I thought) come home one night. The front door opens, (which was above my head as I was laying horizontal, on the lounge watching tv), and they,(my daughter & friend) walked past me, I heard them,I felt them as they had to walk very close beside where I laid. I feigned sleep on the lounge. I wanted to give my daughter & friend privacy as this house was extremely small. when I opened my eyes I found I was home very much alone. Another time,this thing grabbed me by my jumper neck & gave me what Id call a neck wedgie, pulling my jumper neck tight from behind, causing pressure on the front of my throat, mildly choking me yet I did not move a muscle as I thought again it was my daughter trying to, (in joke), awaken me, but I was home alone again, I heard what I thought was my daughter walking up towards me prior the wedgie thing. I think it wasnt happy with me as I would talk about it. some times I would find myself communicating with this thing (mental telepathy), another time I woke up as my blankets where being yanked off my bed, I was fighting this disturbance, yelling at my daughter, hey its too early to get up, grabbing for the blankets. then I realised that my daughter had moved out and I was living alone in this house at that time...I was scared it would enter into my body, I eventually left the house...the neighbourhood folks were fairly slow in communicating, (it was sort of an area that the people didnt keep up with the times)...when I mentioned my stories to to an elderly neighbour who moved into this area as a child, she remembered that some female committed suicide in the house. And two other people who had lived in the house had since died, one male in a working accident, he lived with his mom in that house. I moved from that house & since then, no more problems.

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