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Ouija Little Boy by obiwan [Reviews - 2]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 22:58:08 -0700 (PDT)
Name: The.Rage
Location: Columbia,Maryland

I have always believed in the spiritual world, and i have ALWAYS feared it. However the more i fear it, the stronger it draws me to it. I'm also like that with my fear of heights and water. I just like to live dangerously. I am an experience ouija board user (now) but when i first started to use it, i didn't know the "rules". For example, never use the ouija board alone. This may lead to possessions such as the famous one in excorcist which is based on a true demon possession. Never give it the power to enter into your world through the ouija board portal.

Alas, i had broken the second rule and did not realize the consequences. Me and a couple of my friends moved into an apartment together, 3 bedroom. One day i was telling my friends about the fun ouija board experiences i had, and they refused to believe me, so the next day i went out and bought one and we decided to give a try that night. I told everyone to meditate and to pray or focus their minds to be clear. I then took turns in pairs using the ouija because i knew that spirits sometimes were fickle about who they were communicating with. For example, i seldomly get a response directly on the ouija board, and it's usually my friends that have to operate the board. However i'm the one who's usualy asking questions to make sure that no one is fooling around on it and making up answers.

Anyway, we were asking some questions about lost items and funny stuff and we were talking to a child ghost age 5 with blond hair and a red shirt with blue overalls. Eventually it asked if it could come play with us. I said yes at the time, not knowing i had given it power into the physical world. When we were done, i put it in the closet. My gf was sleeping over one night, and while i was in the shower she began screaming so i ran out dripping wet and naked and asked her what was wrong. She was crying and hysterical and telling me that she saw a pair of red eyes staring at her from the closet and a demonic laughing coming from there. When i looked i didn't see anything, nor did i sense anything except for my adrenaline from hearing her scream. I went to the closet to throw away the ouija board knowing that that was the cause of the problem. However when i went to reach for the board, all of a suddent i felt my arm dipping into something i can only call a "bucket of ice water" floating in midair. Nothing was there physically mind you, it just felt like i had dipped my hand in a bucket of cold water and my arm was all tingly. I didn't sense any presence besides the physical sensations so i quickly tore up the board with my hands and began to meditate to build up positive energy in the room. After a while she calmed down and went to sleep.

I was still creeped out however so i turned on the tv thats in my room and began to watch. All of a sudden she sat up and pointed at the closed bedroom door which was closed, and told the emptiness to go away, then she put her head down and went right back to sleep. Curious i woke her and asked her if she remembered her dream. She looked sleepily at me and mumbled that a little kid had been running in and out of the door saying, "I'm gonna get you" everytime he ran in and out. I told her that the bedroom door was closed the whole night. At this she seemed confused and said that it was open and that while i was watching TV a child had kept coming in and out. I asked her to describe the child, thinking maybe it was the same spirit from the board. Keep in mind she didn't know anything about me having a ouija board or even using it with my friends. She described to me a little blonde boy in a red shirt and blue overalls. This ofcourse creeped me out even more and i told her about what happened with the ouija board.

A few months later at a party i was having at my apartment, i told a few of my friends about what happened and they decided they wanted to try it out, so again we went to toysrus and bought another parker ouija board. We played with it again, and ended up talking to the same child. This time i just kinda watched. Some of my friends said that they could feel something sitting in their laps, or touching their arms from time to time. The next day my friend called me and said that he had a bad dream and that he woke up with his pillow very bloody from a nosebleed. Needless to say my friends thought it was perhaps the ouija board so we gathered together to ask it what happened. It said that it had done it, and that it would continue to do so with each person for 2 weeks at a time. We freaked out and i told it if it could stop and it agreed to stop. The next day my friend called me again and told me that the same thing happened. So we got together and we burned the ouija board. After that nothing else happened and i never touched another ouija board again. However, again like i said, i am into being dangerous so i'm up for another go if anyone lives close around here and wants to try it.

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