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Johanna's Fall by obiwan [Reviews - 2]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 20:59:50 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Astrid Wells
Location: Skenfrith, Wales

*I apologize for the length of my story.

This experience happened to my cousin who I will name Johanna. This occured when she was 18 years of age and I was 16.

It was in autumn of 1998 when Johanna's mother (my mother's sister) and her father finally decided to get a divorce. Johanna took their decision profoundly and it hurt her deeply as she was an only child. She had to live with her mother in Wales and during the holidays, she was to visit her father in Oxfordshire.

Johanna, before her parents' divorce, was a vigorous and very cheerful person. But as sudden as her parents' separation, she became a pessimistic and very quiet person. She would often lock herself in her room for hours doing nothing (as my aunt told my mother) and eat only one meal a day.

On November 23, 1998, my aunt called my mother telling her that Johanna had jumped out of the window of her bedroom falling approximately 20 feet . My mother, father and myself hurried in fright to their home to help my aunt rush Johanna to the hospital. We found her lying unconscious on a bush with a small flow of blood exerting from her mouth. When I saw her, I couldn't do anything but cry. I was completely shocked at the same time frightened.

My father carried her and made his way to the car quickly. But just when I was about to open the car door for my father to place her in the backseat, Johanna grabbed my hand and her eyes opened wide like they were about to jump out of her sockets. I was completely horrified seeing the look on her face that I fell to the ground. She began fidgeting in my father's arms and started screaming. Her mother was speechless and my mother was just as frightened as I was. My father randomly dropped her making her crash to the ground roughly. My father ran to my mother and told her that Johanna had scratched him on the arm harshly and it was beginning to frighten him.

Johanna stood up and stared at us horrifyingly. I thought that there wouldn't be a chance for her to get up and regain consciousness after falling 20 feet and crashing to the hard ground. But from the look of her face and the way she stood up, she looked like she was fine and ready to inflict pain. It was like she was about to murder someone. Like the look of some psycho murderer ready to mutilate his victims. We were so frightened that my parents, Johanna's mother and I grouped together just staring at her still in shock. "Love, what is the matter with you?" my aunt asked her in a very gentle voice with tears starting to trickle from her eyes. And as those words got out of my aunt's mouth, Johanna collapsed.

We then took her immediately to the hospital where the doctor told us that miraculously, she only suffered minor injuries on her arm and a broken elbow. After two weeks, Johanna was out of the hospital.

After a month from her fall, I asked Johanna what was really wrong with her and she told me that there was something/someone (she looked very unsure when she was telling me) that forced her to jump out of the window. She told me she would often hear voices in her room telling her to hurt herself and sometimes, she would feel really cold air around her even if the weather was warm.

I'm not really sure what happened to Johanna that day. I'm just glad that now she's fine and happy with her new family. I just wish that it'll never happen to me because I was there, and I tell you, it was not just terribly frightening, but also very saddening and shocking.

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