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Visits from the Dead

Blue Grandpa by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 06:43:13 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Brian Joseph Kory
Location: Cleveland Ohio

I have been trying to tell this story right for years.

I was at my grandfather's funeral wake. I wore my best suit and tie. My mother wouldnt let me even leave the house until I had polished my shoes so that they'd shine at the funeral. She was very serious that we would look our best for the ocassasion. I wouldnt have it any other way myself, my grandpa was a great man and for him the least I could do was tuck in my shirt and button up and wear a tie.

Before I left for the wake I remember taking a short cold and un-enjoyable shower , when there's 7 people in your home showers are usually cold.

We all got into the car for a quiet ride to the wake.

So I was there. At the wake I saw my brothers and sister, they were holding up pretty good. My mother on the other hand was a wreck and was wheeping with her sissters.

My grandpa had been ill for many years. Some would say that he didnt live for years being ill but spent many years dying.

He had lived with my mother and our family in our home and my mother was close to my grandpa. As a young child my grandfather was like a father to me when my father left our family.

My grandpa was great too but she is another story.

The momment came where I entered the room of the casket.I saw alot of droopy pale faces. I also saw some people that I considered to be enjoying themselves far too much for a funeral.

I walked past the front row of seats overlooking the body. There seated was my Aut Sue and My mother and aunt Gale.

I gave them a small grin to try to cheer them up a little and then I went up to the casket.

I kneelt down and then said a prayer. After I said the prayer I remember standing up and touching the body. It was warm . The body was warm as if he was alive. I remember kissing him in his hospital bed while he was still alive and him being nearly the same temperature. This was very bizaree. He had been in the morg for awhile.

I went back to a empty seat in the front row and started to cry. As I sat there I feelt some one grab my hands tightly. I looked up from my lowered head postion and I saw no one. I feelt some one give me a real definite grab.

I thought maybe my nerves had just tighten up or something.
Maybe it was a muscle spazzam. So momments after the event, seconds. I decided to brush off the sensation that some one had grabbed my hands and to go tend to the body once more to pay my respect. I touched the body and it was as cold as ice. The skin on the face was visibly more swollen and his hands had turned more withered and life less. I had just momments earlier before sitting down touched the body and it was very warm and now some how it was as could as cold as dead.

My grandfather had mad his 1st attempt to contact me.

Later that night before I feel alseep I saw a blue smoke floating in my room. An un-materalized thing. I didnt know what it was. This was my 1st time seeing such a thing but it wouldnt be my last. It came and then it went as soon as I yelled out in fear..

That was at 5:00 . I looked at my clock and brushed off the event and doozed into sleep.

I woke up the next day and told my mother. She told me that My aunt suzzy with a history of mediumship had seen at 5:00 my grandfather in a blue suit.

I know that it was him because since these events I have seen more and more things. Since then I have developed and am able to make out people .

I never experienced the paranormall before. When experiencing this I could still debate if I had but now there is no doubt in my mind that I see "spirits" .

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