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Remote Control by obiwan [Reviews - 7]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 15:51:15 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Shannon Aceto
Location: Revere Ma

My story takes place at one of many of my grandmothers apartments.She was what you would call;sensitve to things most people couldn't see or understand. There was always an uneasy feeling when I would sleep over her apartment, and one night I found out exactly what I was dealing with.

I was staying with my grandmother for a few days while my apartment was being renovated, her place was always very cold and unwelcoming. Her bedroom for whatever reason was always bright and cozy, so that is normally where I would sleep. Unfortunately she sleeps with the volume on 50 and her lights on. One night I just couldn't take it anymore, I had a huge headache and decided to grow up,and sleep in the livingroom, the most active room of unexplained activity at the time.

I went in the kitchen to make popcorn, while I was in there I heard the volume on the livingroom television get louder and louder,finally I hesitated to check it out but did. When I walked in there,I saw that the remote control was lying on the floor in front of the television. I lowered the volume and proceeded back into the kitchen to get my popcorn. I then heard the volume once again raise in the livingroom, by this time I was a little scared.I went to check it out yet again, this time the remote control was lying in front of my grandmothers door.

I picked it up and put it on the coffee table. This time I turned the television off,opened my grandmothers door who was sleeping at the time. For some reason, it always felt safe when her door was open. Feeling better,I returned with my snack to watch a favorite show of mine when I heard the back door open, I assumed it was my brother returning home from work. I even heard the sound of keys hitting the kitchen table,then the sound of the refrigerator opening and closing. I went to say hey, mainly because I was so happy someone else was there, but when I went into the kitchen, the refrigerator door was open the back door was locked and the remote control was sitting inside the refrigerator. I was so scared that I ran into the livingroom to grab my pillow and return to my grandmothers room I left the hallway light on, and as I was shutting her door the light turned off and the house fell completely silent. I have many creepy encounters that I have delt with going over her house.

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