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Green Orb by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 00:38:12 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Steve
Location: Virginia

I read that "bowling ball" story and I DID have a similar experience.

I was approx. 5 years old. My brother is 2 years older than me so he would have been 7 of course. We lived in a high rise apartment building, but not very high up...we lived on the 2nd floor.

My brother and I shared a bedroom, and we had bunk beds. He slept on the top bunk, and I had the bottom bunk because they were afraid I'd fall out and hurt myself. Next to the bunks was a student desk, with a regular mid sized electric lamp. The old fashioned kind with a lamp shade...not living room sized, but....desk sized. And a large sliding window was behind the desk.

Anyway, I was awakened sometime in the middle of the night somehow...not a noise or anything but whatever it was that awoke me terrified me. I to this day have never felt as scared as that night. What I was scared of, was a green glowing "ball" the size of a large marble maybe in the darkness that was just I don't know how to describe it.."orbiting" around the lamp shade, very slowly, like you could maybe count to 3 and it would make a revolution. No sound to it, it just circled around and around the lamp shade.

Now I don't want you to think I was just "intrigued" and fascinated by this thing, I was watching it circling the lamp, and the only reason I didn't scream and run was I was somehow frozen. I couldn't move an inch. And I couldn't scream, I couldn't call for help, but I WAS fighting to do both!

It went around the other side of the shade on one of it's revolutions, and was gone, didn't come back. And as soon as it was gone, I could move and boy did I!!I ran screaming out of the bedroom into my mom's room who I woke up, along with my brother from all my yelling.

They of course told me I was only dreaming, to this day no one believes me...but I KNOW I was awake!! How come if I was dreaming I didn't wake up sitting up in bed? You know the releif you feel from a nightmare that "oh, it was only a dream!!".....I didn't have that feeling.

Years later in fact only in maybe the last few years, I"ve read about the phenomena of "orbs" people get pictures of...and THAT'S what it looked like! Except 3 dimensional, and glowing green, not hazy cloudy and semi transparent! ( another evidence to me it wasn't a dream, is years later,I did an experiement, not related to this....but I DO dream in black and white.....this thing was in color, green!)

I believe little kids when they tell you they saw something or heard something! I think they haven't developed the ability to rationalize what they saw or heard. Maybe the reason it never came back is it realized how badly it scared me!


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