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Nunn Hall by obiwan [Reviews - 1]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 16:26:52 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Katelyn
Location: Kentucky

As a freshmen at Morehead State University, I was placed in Nunn Hall. The dorm is different in many ways from the others on campus, and it's description is important to the story. It is set away from the other buildings on campus and includes open walkways to four person suites, which geves one the feeling of a very large motel or apartment complex. If you know anything about the climate of Morehead, Ky, you know that it rains almost every day and scenery is limited by the almost oppressive mountains. All in all, the atmosphere is pretty creepy sometimes.

The first night in the dorm, my roomates didn't stay there. We weren't allowed to have visitors yet, so i was all alone. All night I felt like someone was with me and something kept telling me internally that i should jump off the dorm. Now keep in mind that i knew nothing about any ghosts in the dorm, and i don't mean something literally telling me to do it. More like a deep sad feeling of hopelessness. This feeling repeated itself occasionally and i would wonder why i would feel that way when everything in my life was going pretty much just how i wanted it. Of course my high level of rationale would always stop me from actually jumping. Obviously.

When my roomates started sleeping in the dorm, we often woke each other up by talking loudly in our sleep and not remembering it in the morning. None of us had ever heard of ourselves being a sleep-talker before. R began to have nightmares. B, who skipped class a lot, swore that one day when she was sleeping in instead of going to class, something shook her bed everytime she started to fall asleep. In the mornings, our cellphone and laptop chargers were often unatached to the wall and nothing charged. We would leave and turn off all the lights and return with every light and the tv on. One day we talked about these strange happenings and confirmed most of our experiences, having given ourselves the rationale before that the other roomates were leaving lights and appliances on when nobody was there.

One night in particular, my little sister was visiting me and we were watching a movie and making popcorm. THREE times the TV turned itself off randomly. We would check all the cords, make sure nobody was sitting on the remote and pretty much everything you can think of. Nothing was ever out of place and each time it just came back on all by itself. Another night, I was just getting into bed, and the tv in the living room came on all by itself. I was the only one there! I just got up and turned it off. Nothing very bad has happened here since I pretended I wasn't scared anymore, so maybe the ghost has finally gotten over the commotion of move in day, or (hopefully) has decided i'm no longer any fun and moved off to terrorize some other collegiate. No loss to me!!!

Other people I have talked to who have resided here have some of the same experiences.

When I finally did some research and found out the history of the building, I found that two ghosts were frequently active in the dorm. One is the ghost of a girl whose name is debated to be Caroline or Catherine. She became depressed during a break because she was lonely and jumped from the ninth floor and landed on the lobby awning. (hmmm... my wierd feeling to jump off the building when i was lonely...hmmm...posession?) The other girl was named Ginger and accidentally shot herself in the head while she was high on marijuana. She is said to be a prankster who likes to mess with electrical things. (hmmm...)The actual haunting is given credit to Penelope, a fond combination of the two ghosts. I have heard the saying often "the ghost penelope who runs Nunn Hall." While researching MY ghosts, I also found out that another Girl who resided in the dorm, drowned herself in the lake near the dorm when she discovered she was pregnant by her black boyfriend whom her parents highly dissaproved of. Rather than bear her parents wrath, she committed suicide. There are other stories around of the various ghosts who share the campus, but they are not my experiences and not mine to tell. Or maybe another time.

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