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Temple House by obiwan [Reviews - 2]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 18:22:36 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Charlotte Brooks
Location: Small house in Temple, TX

My sister and I shared a room and were always afraid of the dark and slept with a night light on. I would often awaken thinking a shadowy figure of a person was standing in doorway. I would wake sister and she would see it too. At age 8-9 I woke to see a tall glowing solid white figure of a man at my sisters side and at foot of bed a solid black shorter fig of a man standing sideways carrying a row of orange candles. I knew it was a nightmare and if I put my head under covers thay would be gone when I look again and I would be awake, but they were still there. Too horrified to even wake my sister I climed out on her side where the door was and remember having to walk right behing the black figures back. My parents rm was next to ours {very small 2 bdrm house} whome I woke and they turned on lights with nothing there. We had lived there all my life and moved to new house 1-2 yrs later. I did not know until adult that Mom had seen man in white glowing suit and white hair 3 times but never said anything because she did not believe in ghosts.

At new house I started my screaming out of sleep thinking something was in room and would run out of room. I continued into adulthood with screaming nightmares until about 7 yrs ago {42 now}. But not thinking anything in rm or knowing what I had dreamed.

At 20 my Dad wanted me and my new husband to move into childhood house where the ghost had been so we could save money on rent and of course I did not want to but he insisted thinking I was silly about the ghost. Grandma had lived there after we moved and remarried and moved.
I never saw anything but the "Old Hag" thing happened when I was taking a nap in day on couch. Something was paralyzing me and a horrible growl was all over me. I could not come out of the inbetween sleep to awake stage or scream as desperately as I tried. This happened also one other time, cannot remember if night or day. It was the horrible growl again. I found this is a quite common sleep dissorder and have had other episodes of paralyzing inbetween states at other times in other homes that I can consider as normal and still frightening, but never the horrible terrifying growl like at that house.

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