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Sliding Broom by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 19:39:09 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Eric
Location: Big Clifty, Kentucky

Not really something extravagant, but is pretty weird for me... I have a few accounts of ghosts or something of that nature. They all take place in or around the home I live in, which was at one time my grandmothers and grandfathers (which he built himself).

My first experience happened a few years ago while I was alone at home.

I was using the PC, which is in our Dining Room (positioned next to the kitchen) and I could see into the kitchen from my right hand side. (The computer desk is against the well, with the doorway right next to it.)

As I was just minding my own business, I see something flash by and crash onto the floor. It was just a broom, I didnt think too much of it as it was happening, but after it hit the floor, it slid across to the opposite wall in an impossible manner. It just could not have happened on its own considering the opposite wall was so far away.

My second experience happened as I was in the basement. I dont recall why I was in the basement, but I do know it was for some reason that is quite normal, cleaning or looking for something I had lost in the past, something of that nature. Anyway, as I was busying myself, I look up and out a window, (the basement had windows at about 6 feet up, and at ground level when seen from outside,) and I see a pair of feet walk by in black rubber boots. I wasnt alone at the house, so I just thought it was normal of course, other than no one in the house had black rubber boots. So I went up the stairs that led outside and looked around the side of the house where I saw the pair of boots walk by, and saw nothing. I searched a bit harder around every corner and around and found no one. Given the direction they were walking and the distance they were from the front of the house, they could not have gone inside without me seeing them.

Third experience isnt my personal experience, but one of my friends.

I had invited him to stay over for the night as friends do, and it was a normal day, we hung out, played some video-games, etc. At night as we were getting ready to sleep, (around 11pm) I told him to sleep in my room while I slept on the couch, so he did. At 2AM I woke up to him rustling around and getting his things ready to leave, which in itself was odd. I got up and asked him what was going on and he said plainly "I want to leave, now." I couldnt get much out of him, he just stammered and went outside. He had called his mother to come pick him up while I was sleeping, so I had no time to talk to him. After a while I just shrugged and went in my room to sleep.

Next morning I called him and asked what was up, and he told me that while he was sleeping, he was awaken by something brushing his hair, and a whispering in his ear simply saying "Wake up." repeatedly. I cannot get anything else out of him, and he has not come over to the house since.

Could these simply be the products of the ghosts of either my grandmother or grandfather? I dont know, and doubt I will.

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