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Country House by obiwan [Reviews - 1]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 21:02:27 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Brian D
Location: Aldie, Virginia

Moving from city to country was a big change for my brother and I, but in the end. It turned out ok, for me.

Parents rented an old estate farm house in Aldie, Virginia. I was around 12 yrs. old and my brother was 7 or 8. The first or second night my best friend stayed the night. We were all in my brothers and I room in the dark talking away till we fell asleep. We just so happen to talk about ghosts. So ghost stories get a little freaking talking about them just moving into a new house, and being almost 100 yrs old, that didn't help it. So at one point of the conversation I shouted out "If there is a ghost here, I never want to see or hear you".

Things that have happened.

1. My brother was notorious for chasing the cats around the house. house was 2 stories. Upstairs were 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, downstairs consisted of a kitchen, dinning room, and a living room. Not a very big house. Noises made would travel the whole house.

One day home from school, waiting for our parent to get home. I was downstairs playing Destruction Derby on my Playstation. As I playing, I hear stomping coming from upstairs. So I get mad and start heading upstairs to yell at my brother for chasing the cats again. I open our bedroom door and I see him under is bed covers. I ask him "what are you doing?". He looks me and says "I was coming down stairs and as I turned the corner and look down the stairs, I see a dark figure come up." and what do I do? I jumped for my covers.

2. Samething happened to my brother, just as he turned to go up the stairs, the dark figure was coming down.

3. If you were to look out my bedroom door, you would be looking directly at the bathroom door. I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom with the door open and my brother was folding his clothes in our room. As I was finishing up, I say to my brother "come find me"....don't know for what reason, just did. So he comes out of his room and walks right into my parents room. I'm looking right at him, being in front of him with the light on. I walk out behind him and ask him why did you go in there? Then he freaks and tells me he seen someone walk into my parents room. The only thing he seen was the swinging arm as if you were walking.

The 2 years we lived there I have seen nothing, and I think to myself was it because of what i said when we first moved in there? Dunno, but I did hear someone.

The closest neighbor can only been seen at night when they have a light on. closest house is probably 400 yds. away. Was having dinner one evening with my parents. Both doors and a few windows were open that day. Were sitting down eating and we hear "HELLO!" We all get up and investigate. Nobody there. My dad tells us it was the dryer. lol, but i know he just said that clear our mind.

4. My mom and her friend was having lunch one day and they both see a white figure come between them on the floor. They look the opposite direction to see one of our cats which is white is on a chair balled up sleeping.

ok...this is enough....getting goosebumps

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