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Time/space Displacement

Daffodil House by obiwan [Reviews - 2]

From: harvestmom@aol.comspamfree (HarvestMom)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: House in the woods
Date: 28 Mar 1999 01:53:51 GMT

Call me crazy (hey everyone else does so why not my spooky friends too?!) but as a teen my friends and I loved exploring abandoned properties. There was a house just outside of town about a half mile off the highway that had intrigued me since childhood and I had to go see it. One afternoon 2 of my friends agreed that it would be a great place to check out so we loaded up and went. It was a typical "creepy old farmhouse" type place....made of wood that had begun to rot decades ago; dirty, mostly broken windows; rickety porch....2 stories high plus an attic. Getting in was no problem, the doors were gone so we just walked on in. There was evidence of other people having been there as the room we concluded to be the living room was full of empty beer cans and potato chip bags. Uninterested in these findings we made our way into the kitchen. It was broad daylight outside but this house was pretty dark inside adding to the intrigue and creepiness. The kitchen was a wreck and seemed as though the mice had taken full advantage of whatever had been left there so on to the dining room. Finally we saw a set of stairs, the first ones we had seen so far, and up we went. On the third step from the top, i sat my soda can down so we'd be able to remember that's where we came up....I'm glad I had the foresight to do that. We meandered the top floor and found that it was much brighter and warmer up there, probably because it wasn't under the cover of the low tree branches as the downstairs had been. We weren't feeling too afraid, just a little uneasy, as we walked around until we got to a large room on the east side....I can't really explain what I felt, mostly I felt as though I wanted to cry. Someone was very sad and that much I could feel, whoever it was hadn't been ready to die when they did and weren't able to say goodbye and let go. My friend Chris left the room, stating that he was finding it difficult to breathe, must be the dust. My friend Megan was very pale and shaking so we decided ok it's time to go. We walked around the top floor looking for stairs to the attic and never found them, we found a set going down which we ahd missed on the first few go-rounds so down we went....they led to the living room! How was that possible? We walked around the downstairs peeking in all the little doors for stairs only to find closets. There wasn't a door to get out of the living room so we went back upstairs and walked around some more. Finally Megan spotted the stairs where my soda can was and we happily bounded down them and back into the dining room. We amde our way around the downstairs again just to be sure....the dining room led to the back porch and the kitchen and had stairs to go up, the kitchen only led to the dining room and the living room, the living room only led to the kitchen and the porches. Ok so where were the stairs we walked down? This was the same room because the mess on the floor was the same and the mantle above the fireplace was the what was the deal here? We went back upstairs and Megan stayed at the top of the stairs while Chris and I walked around again in search of the mystery steps we had gone down....we never found them. As Chris and I were walking back toward Megan, I heard someone in the large bedroom that had made me feel so sad, it sounded like a soft crying and I felt very bad, I felt that we had intruded into this person's life (well ok afterlife) and it was time we left so we did.

Most places we ever visited, we went back for a second and sometimes third look; however, this place, we didn't. We all felt after we left that maybe whoever was there really just wanted to be left alone and we never went back together. The very oddest thing is that on Easter Day of the following year, I had this unstoppable urge to go to the house and leave flowers on the porch. I got some daffodils and headed out there only to find my friends Chris and Megan also had come to bring flowers, we had all had that urge and we all headed out there without the others knowing with a big bouquet of fresh daffodils. Something there had touched each of us and i will forever feel a connection to that house in the woods and whomever that is who lives in the large room on the east side of the upper floor who seems to like daffodils.


I saw you there, this other place in that other time....I'd recognize those
eyes anywhere.

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