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Roof Girl by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 01:25:25 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Paulette Grandes
Location: Lyon, France

This is a ghostly encounter my friend whose name is Luchie and I encountered when my family and hers went on a vacation together in Lyon in 2004. We originate from Besancon.

We drove all the way to Lyon from Besancon for about two days. We used Luchie's dad's van so our families would fit in rightly. When we got to Lyon, my dad told us that he had a stepsister living north of Lyon and that he wanted to visit her first.

We got to her house which was quite an old yet very exquisite-looking house. It was a two-storey home with a marble terrace on the second floor. There were few houses neighbouring it and a cream-coloured dog house(with no dog inside it which was odd) stood left in front of it.

My dad got out of the van and told everyone that he was just going to have a quick chat with his sister and then we were off. Luchie and I with the feeling of need to explore, decided to check out the backyard while my mother, Luchie's parents, Luchie's younger sister and my younger brother stayed in the van with the door slid open. When we got to the backyard, there was an old, decaying garden shed and some really annoying bushes. Luchie and I just pranced around making fools of ourselves.

Out of nowhere, we heard the prissy laughing of what seemed to be a little girl. We looked around and saw no one. It was only us in the backyard. We decided to not mind it and went on looking around. Just when we were about to leave the backyard, the laughing was there again. It was starting to give us goosebumps so we hurried out of the backyard.

My dad was already in the van. Just when Luchie and I were about to enter the van, the laugh was there again. But closer and much more scarier. The giggling somehow, had a mix of terror and remorse. We looked at the house for a last time and to our horror, we BOTH saw a little girl on the roof wearing a dirtied white dress with nothing on her feet smiling and waving at us. The most scary thing about it was that she was pale and seemed transparent. I thought straight away that this cute little girl has already departed and here was there in the present to finish some unsettled business. "Mum! Do you see that?" Luchie yelled to her mother pointing at the roof, "What sweetheart?" her mother questioned looking briefly at the house and it seemed like she saw nothing. Luchie stared at me and elbowed me. She looked again at the roof and I knew that she was just plain frightened because she looked away quickly with her hands shivering.

We were scared out of our wits that we hurried inside the van roughly. Hoping to see nothing, I sucked up the courage and decided to look out the van window for a last time. And still, the little girl was there smiling. Her messy auburn hair staying still even though a mild wind had hit the neighbourhood.

Today, I still can't forget that experience. I never bother to ask my parents who had lived in my dad's stepsister's house before she did. Because it would give me this really uncomfortable feeling. Just typing this right now gives me the creeps.

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