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Visits from the Dead

Granny's Message by obiwan [Reviews - 1]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 07:10:16 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Tammy Bridges
Location: Commerce, Georgia

I have always felt that I was crazy or somthing by feeling the way I do about death. I have had several things happen to me as far as seeing a door open by itself to seeing somthing or someone whom I thought was my mama, and always feeling like at different times and places I can feel the presence of spirits. As I have gotten older I try to ignore it as best as I can. The one thing that bothers me most is I lost my grandmother several years ago. Our family has always been close and we are a very large family. Granny and Pawpaw had 11 kids, 22 grandkids,and to the best of my knowledge 26 greatgrandkids. My Pawpaw got killed in a car accident right in front of our driveway. After his death, that summer we were outside. My mama wanted me to go inside my grannys house to get somthing, so I did and had my daughter with me. I was standing facing the sink when I felt like someone blew the back of my hair, I did not bother to turn around, I just grabbed my daughters hand and ran out of the house. I was shaking so bad, my mama and granny asked me what was wrong and I told them what happened and said I would never go back in there unless another adult was with me. I feel like this was my pawpaw that did this. I was the only grandchild that would hug him and tell him I loved him. Years later is when my granny passed away in her sleep after being sick for a couple of weeks. My mama and aunts and uncles would stay with her through the days and nights. Several times she mentioned hearing children laughing and playing outside when no one was there, and at one time she seen angels sitting on her quilting frame. I so dearly loved my granny to the point its hard to explain. I always felt she didnt love me like she did the others. I did alot for my granny and spent alot more time with her, actually more than any of the others because I could. When she died it killed a big part of me. I feel as Im still searching for her. I miss her so. She passed in November, and the first of December my daddy, husband, and brother in-law went on a hunting trip. My sister, and her kids and me and my kids stayed with my mama. The first night I dreamed my granny was laying in a bed and she said come here honey, and held her arms out and said I love you and hugged me, my youngest daughter was beside me and I also felt when she was alive that she didnt care as much for her as the others, that night she also told her that she lover her too. Not to worry and tell everyone she was ok. She told me to check on my uncle that always came to see her everyday that he was having a hard time too with her death like me. I seen him in my dream as she spoke and he was at her house and it was empty and he was standing in the living room crying. I remember what he and my daughter had on in my dream. The next day my daughter was wearing those clothes. I told my mama and she talked with my uncle and he said that this was true also about him and what he was wearing. I think my granny wanted me to know she did love me the same and that she knew I loved her. I still feel like she is with me sometimes.

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