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Italian Dream by obiwan [Reviews - 1]

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 03:25:35 -0700 (PDT)
Name: Tori Cross
Location: Italy

My name is Tori, 35 years of age and living in Trenton, New Jersey with my husband and two sons. Although I am now living in America, I was born and I grew up in my beautiful hometown in south Naples, Italy.

When I was about 13 years of age, I started having a really peculiar dream. It was of a teenage boy and girl dancing in a room and their faces were NOT visible. I would hear the girl laughing and the boy would be muttering something (of course in Italian) but I couldn't seem to figure it out. After a few seconds, the girl's figure would fade away and then the boy would kneel supposedly in sadness and after a second or two, he would fade away.

I had this one dream every night for a year. It was really starting to scare me. I couldn't understand why I was having dreams of unknown teenagers dancing. The house we were living in at that time didn't have a lot of history to it so it really got me in wonderment why I was having really weird dreams.

I couldn't take it longer so I told my mother about my dreams and asked her why I was having them. She totally had no idea so she took me to my grand aunt who knew a lot about dreams/signs/fortune-telling and things like that. I elaborated my dream to her and she told me that before our house was built there, a man and his daughter (that would be the teenage girl in my dream) lived in a house on the property. The girl had a boyfriend who her father did not approve of and they would sneak into an unused room in the 2nd floor of the house and stay there. But it was until one day that the girl's father found them dancing in the room and got so mad that he ordered his daughter never to see the boy again and right after, he threw the boy out the door. That same night, the girl went back into the room and choked herself with a cloth and on the next day, when the boy found out that the love of his life had committed suicide, hung himself in his house.

I then found out that my bedroom was just in the same place as the room the girl had committed suicide in their house. At first I was pretty freaked out. But after a few days, my fear disappeared and it was replaced with a feeling of pity. And fortunately, right after I consulted my grand aunt I didn't have the dream anymore.

Such a shame when young love is forbidden.


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