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Time/space Displacement

Melbourne Weirdness by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: My wierd stories
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 17:15:14 +0000

I have been reading the stories on here and it has encouraged me to put my weird little stories on. They aren't as unusual as some of the other stories but weird none the less.

My 1st story was about 6 or 7 years ago in a place not far from Melbourne called "The black forest." Appropriately named.

This night I was traveling in my car with my cousin James and as we approached the black forest we decided to stop in it just for a creepy experience. I was driving and we seen a distinct entrance into it (there are a few) and took it. It had a road that went straight on, a resting area on the right as we entered it and a road going left which we decided to take.

We went down it for about 800 metres and turned into a small road. It was so dark, the tree's were closed in above us and I turned the car around for a quick exit incase we got too scared.

I stopped the engine and turned off the headlights. We couldn't see our hands in front of us. We sat for about 30 seconds and decided it was far too scary cos of little sounds around the car so we drove forward out of the small road and out to where there was moon light again on the road we'd come from.

I had my window done a little bit and I turned the engine off again, the radio was on lightly as we talked about the darkness of the road we had just been on. Suddenly I heard a noise from behind the car to the right. I turned down the radio and said to James, "Can you hear that?" As I said it I looked to where the sound was coming from. He didn't hear the sound. There was a clearing beside us and a fence that followed the edge of the clearing lined heavily with tree's. The clearing went for about 15 metres beside us to the fence.

I seen the bottom branch of a pine tree (thick branch) being vigorously shaken up and down by something. I seen a shadow of a straight leg under it that moved slightly, even a strong man would struggle to make a branch of that size move like that and if someone did shake it like that they would have been moving alot more than what I seen. Within a second of seeing it I had started the car and put my foot to the floor, nearly losing control as James suggested pulling my foot from the accelerator to gain control. I was doing that anyway cos there was no way I wanted to be stranded there. He kept asking me what I'd seen but I didn't know. We got to the side of the highway again and I stopped, James wanted to go back and see what was there but my instinct said hell would freeze over befoe I was going to go back at that time.

There was no houses anywhere near the area, the road side was not in sight as we sat there even though it should have been and I have no idea why someone would stop and walk down to a fence and do that to a tree for no reason.

If that wasn't bad enough we did try to find that same place about a month after we'd been there. We found the entrance that had the road going straight ahead and the resting area to the right and the road to the left, no other entrance had those things, but there was no fence and no clearing anymore. We had no idea how to explain that and I'm scared now just thinking about it.

My second weird occurance was on a bush walk just on the outskirts of the Melbourne suburbs. I had come to this area many times to walk in it. I knew the area quite well.

This one day it was about an hour before dark so I walked my normal path, 20 minutes had passed so I decided to go back before it got dark. I had walked the normal way seeing the normal things.

I turned around and started to walk back when I seemed to be making no progress. I knew I wasn't walking in circles, I have a very good sense of direction but I seemed to be walking the same path over and over.

I'd think to myself, ok I'll see the exit path just over this rise, but each time I would see the same sight of dry long grass as I walked over the rise.

Another 20 minutes or so had passed and I began to get pretty worried by then. I had been thinking as I began my walk but I knew I hadn't walked as for as I seemed to have gone and like I said, I was on my familiar path.

This particular day my room mate told me to bring his phone with me cos it was starting to get late in the day, I don't think I thanked him enough for that.

It got dark and suddenly I was approaching a large building that looked like a hospital. I was unaware that a hospital exsisted there. It turned out to be a mental institution, there were some nurses standing outside having a smoke so I walked down to them uncomfortably and they looked at me like they had no idea of why I would have been walking there. I asked the way out and they told me to walk down the road until I got to a dirt road. (which my car was parked on) I called my housemate and told him I was scared to death, please come and find me so he did. His kids were visiting us so they stayed on the phone to me for a few minutes after he left.

I must have walked at least a kilometre before I got to the dirt road ( i was walking fast and running), I turned and walked down it and I would have ran for about another kilometre before I seen my housemates car. I had never been so glad to see anyone in my life.

He drove another half a kilometre until we got to my car.

I have no idea how in 20 minutes I managed to not only walked so far that I could never have got back to my car in the same time frame, but also I had passed a hospital and not noticed it and walked 5 times further than I actually did.

I don't really tell anyone about that one (2 people ever) cos they will just think I got lost or walked further than I thought I did, but I know where I was going and it was all familiar until I turned to walk back.

I hope I haven't bored you to tears and I hope this was worth putting here.


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