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A Haunting At My House by valo [Reviews - 0]

obiwan, i REALLY love your website, and would appreciate it very much if you published my story. email me with any problems.

here it is:

I have 6 VERY strange ghost stories to tell you:

1. i lived in a ranch house when i was 10 and i always thought it was haunted. so 1 night back in about 2002-2003 i was sleeping in my mom's room because i heard a bang in my room and i was about to fall asleep when i turn my head to look at the left side of the room and i see this transparent Figure of an old aged woman in a white night gown with long blonde hair looking at me. i looked at it for about an hour and it just stared at me so then i said "what do you want?" to it and it didnt move at all. Then i pulled the covers over my head and just waited until i fell asleep like that.
later that month my mom moved the bed where i saw the ghost and i never saw it again.

2. in this story i was in the same house in the same year and before i start the story let me describe the layout of the backyard: we had a big ranch house and in the backyard were these HUGE woods and i always had a BAD feeling about even though i explored them regularly. So it was about 12:00 at night and i cant remember what i was doing outside but i was in the driveway and i look over towards the woods and i see this "figure" walking in a slouching position towards the edge of the woods. Then "it" stops and looks at me and by that time i was frozen in my tracks and couldn't move at all! So then i yell out to it saying "HEY YOU!" and it turned back to where it was walking to and it disappered around a tree.

i never saw it again.....

3. now by this time im still in the same house but i DEFINATELY know that the house is haunted. So This story is supposedly after i saw the old lady ghost. So im in my room 1 night and i am walking around in it at like 8:00 at nite. So i had this big piano near the door and i had a model car on my piano. so anyway i was walking around my room 1 night and my model car just randomly flies off my piano. now it was'nt on the edge or anything but it just flew off. i didn't know what to make of it.

4. In this story i am STILL in the same house. So this is back in about 2006 and i was hanging out with my friends from like 6-8 and then we all walked back to my house and hung out on the deck and when we got there it was about 9:00. So were all hanging out on my deck and me and my friend peter start hearing this REALLY WEIRD sound like a growling/ticking/gurgling sound in the woods. Then me and peter tell everyone to be quiet and they do so and they hear it also. It sounded like it was getting closer and closer. So me and my friends dive into the house and we stayed there for about a half an hour and then me and peter walked outside to hear if it's still there, and we didn't hear anything so we walked back inside & hung out for the rest of the night.

i still don't know what that sound was...

5. This story takes place in the same year as the last story. I was interested in making a fort in the back of the woods and i was in the middle of making it but i kept running back and forth out and in of the woods in this trail i found. (side note: there were 2 trails; 1 all the way to the left of the woods, which led to my fort, and the 2nd trail was in front of the middle of the deck, and if u walked to the middle of the deck in the yard, you could see it. also if u walked out of the back door) So i ran out of the woods to get a hammer and nails and when i ran back into the trail i found and i tripped over something sticking out of the ground. I fell and dropped the hammer and i turn to look at what i tripped over and it looked like a big stone sticking out of the ground. so i pull it up out of the ground and it turns out the be a grave stone! (im getting chills thinking about this). So i read the grave stone and the name is cut off because the grave stone is broken. so i start wondering "is this why the hauntings are happening?" As soon as i found the grave stone, the sky turned grey/black and it got really windy and cold. Then i yell for my mom to come out and check it out. She says to leave it there and come inside.
i still had it for 1 more year and then i moved and couldnt take it with me....

6. Now At this point in my life i moved next door to the house with the woods and i can feel this house is not haunted. So in about 2007 me and my mom are going downstairs to the basement (its the type of basement that you have to walk outside then through the bilco doors to get in). so me and my mom are walking downstairs and she suddenly stops in front of me and says "Woah did you just see that?!?!" and so i go "No what did you see?" (i forgot to mention that next door there is someone living in the "haunted" house and they have a stack of chase lounge chairs stacked on top f each other on the deck). so she then says "i just saw a head/torso floating on top of the stack of chairs next door out of the corner of my eye!!!" and we're both starting to get nervous. So we walk down stairs and then back into the house and before we walk into the house i look around at the chairs and fence next door and i got a really bad/strange feeling about that house. so we walk back inside and we start hearing REALLY weird noises like bangings and thumping noises coming from the side of the house thats towards the "haunted" house. So about a half hour later we hear this REALLY loud *CRACK* noise that kind of sounded like a ladder falling and hitting the ground really hard. (it sounded like it came from the other house with the ghost in it) So i ran outside as fast as i could and looked around for anything, and i walked around the house, the other house and found nothing.

After that i never heard, saw, or felt anything bad, or strange around both houses. I kept the grave stone until i moved to another town and i left it behind.

If any of you have any comments or want to talk about my story, feel free to email me at anytime. because if you have anything to say about the "walking creature" please drop me an email.

and if anyone has any thoughts or any questions at all, email me anytime
Thank you all for reading this story and thank you obiwan for publishing my story.

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