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Old Hag

Did someone hex me? by Miss Mari [Reviews - 0]

Ok, so back in 1999 I was pregnant with my daughter. It was my first pregnancy, I didnt know what to expect. There was alot of negative energy between my husband and his family at the time, so Im not sure if that had to do with any of it. Well, the further I got along in my pregnancy (6 months and on) I started having *vivid* nightmares of the old hag variety. I would be asleep, it was the middle of summer so Id be hot, then all of a sudden I couldnt move, breathe, scream, nothing. Id open my eyes and there was like a foggy shadow of an old ugly woman on top of me glaring. Sometimes it was just the sensation but the negative energy was the same. Needless to say it scared me really bad because I was worried for my baby inside me. Im not sure how much time passed because in situations like that, seconds can feel like hours. All I know is that my husband was asleep *right* next to me and I couldnt even do anything to get his attention. Id stay stuck and shut my eyes and just start praying in my head because my lips wouldnt move. After praying for a little bit, slowly Id be able to move and breathe. this happend at least once a week, sometimes 2-3 days in a row and it was horrifying. My best friend suggested someone did "brujeria" (witchcraft) on me. I dont really know. However once I had my daughter, it all stopped. Strange but was it hormones or what?

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