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Animal Spirits

Tigresse & Ti-Bum by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 11:28 PM

Hi there,

I've been reading stories on your excellent site for almost a decade
and was doing exactly that tonight when I thought: HEY! I've got a

It started in 2008 when we moved into our current appartment. A 3rd
story, 4-room appartment. The front door leads to an interior
staircase but the back door leads to the balcony with a staircase that
gives direct access to the alley.

It was a nice month of September and we were painting the place before
moving in. The back door and windows were open for air. My girlfriend
was painting the inside of the cupboards when she found a photograph.
It was stuck directly under the countertop and just fell off on her.

It was a picture of two large tabby cats on a sofa, on the reverse of
the picture was the names of the cats and the date: "Tigresse &
Ti-Bum, 1972". The picture was obviously 36 years old. It was
square-shaped with rounded corners (remember those?) and the design of
the sofa the cats were lying on looked like the 70's. It wasn't too
faded, though. We thought that was rather cute so we put it on the
fridge (and left it there to this day).

The same day (or the next, I don't remember), as I was sweeping the
kitchen I saw the neighbors' cat DASH from the bathroom in front of
the kitchen into the hallway. I was pretty mad because that cat had
already sneaked into our appartment earlier and had peed on the walls.
I just dropped my broom and RAN after him. I was really looking
forward to catch him by the skin of the neck to throw him out and
since the appartment was bare (not a single piece of furniture had
been brought in yet) I was really confident I'd find him fast.

Actually, I was expecting to see him in the hallway as I rounded the corner.

And well... you saw me coming.

No cat.

At all.

I went through the appartment several times in the course of the
following minutes and found nothing. And he absolutely could NOT have
sneaked pass me to exit the back door.

We've been here two years now and we keep seeing the cats regularly.
They just walk around, or lie around... you know, cat stuff.
We catch a quick glimpse of them every once in awhile, usually from
the corner of the eye.

My girlfriend and I actually got used to them. It's nice to have them
around. ^_^


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