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Old Hag

Sleep Walker by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 12:26 PM

I'm sending my story from my email because outlook doesn't work on my computer

I was just reading, " A see of voices in the night" by Ant 1111. You know, that story brings back a memory of something that happened when I was around 16 years old. We were house sitting for a friend of my dads. They had been family friend all my life and seemed like family. His friends mom had passed away not long prior to this and I don't know where he was at but anywho, I'd spent the night there several times before. I'd just finished watching the tonight show with johney carson and had layed down. I'd only shut my eys for a minute or two (the window was open beside the bed I was in and the backdoor was around the corner from the head of the bed), I heard voices like maybe four or five people were coming from the barn to the house. Then I heard footsteps and the backdoor open. Now I know no one else but us should have been around there and these voices sounded like it was the most natural thing in the world to be coming in the house at that time of night. I was scared sheetless! all I could think was "you moron! why did you leave the back door open?!" I found I could not move or open my eyes, I knew I was scared but even at the time I thought surely I wasn't scared to the point of paralysis. The word aliens came to mind, but aliens who spoke perfect english? It didn't make sense. I heard the group walk up to the side of my bed and stand over me talking in hushed tones like they didn't want to wake up anyone else. I could tell they were right over me looking down at me. I went through the " I have to be dreaming" reasoning because I thought for sure I was on the verge of panic if something sensable didn't come to mind. But I knew I couldn't have fell asleep in the approx. 60 seconds or less I had layed down when I started hearing them coming from the direction of the barn. I understood everything that they were saying and it had something to do with things that would happen to me in the future. I found this even more disturbing. Were they angels, demons, ghost, aliens? How did they know me so intently and what was the purpose of this? The next thing I knew i woke up and it was about 1am or so and I was laying in the living room. no pillow or blanket just sprawled out on the living room floor with the lights and tv off so I knew I didn't fall asleep watching tv. I asked the next morning if someone got up and turned everything off. No one had. I've never sleep walked, and I wasn't overly tired or distraught about anything. Nor could I recall what they had talked about when I awoke, I just knew it had conscerned me and my future. I found it very disturbing for a while and I can't believe I forgot about it until reading that story.

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