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Mysterious Creatures

Bird Face Boy by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Mick Fox
Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 1:28 PM

One night after i got off at Federal Express in Memphis i stopped to do some part time work at a grocery store in Collierville, TN. i got thru about 5 AM and started home. there was a short cut to my house down an old road called center hill road. it was mostly deserted except for when you got to the end of the road where some houses were being built. about half way through i came upon what i thought was a little boy walking in the center of the road. he didnt have shoes or a shirt and was walking the same way i was driving.. Now at the time it was cold outside so i slowed down to ask him if he needed any help.
when i called to him he jumped like he had been in a trance or something. and when he looked at me he had a face sort of like a bird with no beak. looked somewhat like an owl. he ran off in the woods as fast as he could. i was scared and i took off pretty fast. i told my neighbor about it and he said that there was some voodoo activity down in there and i shouldnt be using that road. I took his advice!!

Mick Cox

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