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A Tale of Two Hauntings by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

From: Anonymous
Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 11:33 AM

Please keep my email address and name anonymous, but I am otherwise
happy for this to be published:

A Victorian Haunting

This is my first submission to this site - sorry it's so long! My brush
with ghosts occurred about 7 years ago, when I was living in
Kingston-upon-Thames, England. I moved into a small Victorian terraced
house with two of my friends from university - Lauren and I lived in the
two bedrooms upstairs, and Matt lived in the downstairs bedroom. This
house is about 170 years old.

We had a contract to live there for 1 year, and it wasn't until the end
of that period that I began to feel that the house might have an extra
resident! There were four occasions in the last few months of my time
there when I truly believed that there was a malevolent presence in the
house, and more specifically, in my bedroom.

However, the main indication of a ghostly presence in the house was the
constant cold in my bedroom. When the heating was on full blast, I was
not able to touch the radiator in my bedroom as it was so hot. Yet, no
more than 2 inches away from the radiator, and I couldn't feel the heat
at all. The rest of the house was always warm and cosy, but my bedroom
always felt like the inside of a freezer! In the winter, I took to
sleeping in pyjamas, thick socks and woolly hat under a winter-weight
duvet, sleeping bag and blankets - as my bedroom was so cold. I would
often wake up and would be breathing breath clouds indoors!

The first occasion when I was actually aware of a presence, I had been
home on my own for the evening, and was getting ready for bed (about
11pm) when I heard a noise coming from Matt's bedroom which was
immediately beneath my own. As I was alone in the house, I thought it
must have been burglars (it sounded as though someone was walking across
the wooden floors and opening drawers). I leant as far out of my
bedroom window as possible and tried to look down and into the window of
his room to see if I could see lights on or spot a torch beam or
something, but couldn't get a good enough look. At that moment Lauren
called me to say that she was on her way home, and would be back in 5
minutes. I told her about my suspicions, and she ran home to try and
spot the burglar. When Lauren got home, we both looked through the
whole house (hockey sticks at the ready!) and there was no one to be
seen, nothing looked out of place, there was no sign of forced entry and
nothing had been stolen. We both put it down to me imagining things.

The second occasion was another time I was alone in the house, as both
Lauren and Matt were staying over at their partners' houses. I had gone
to bed at about 11.30pm, and woke up suddenly in the early hours of the
morning with my heart thudding, and this absolute knowledge that someone
was leaning over my bed. I could make out a black shadowy shape, which
was tall and seemed to be leaning over me. It felt very threatening and
scared the life out of me. I managed to turn my bedside lamp on, and of
course there was nothing there. I was so certain that this shadow had
meant me harm, that it took a long time for me to get back to sleep (and
that was after I said the Lord's Prayer - and I'm not even religious!).

I didn't have any further experiences until my final night in the house.
I said goodbye to Lauren and Matt on the Saturday, but as I was moving
out on the Sunday my boyfriend and I decided to treat ourselves to a
Chinese take-away and a few beers to say goodbye to the place. About
half way through the night, I woke up feeling really ill, and had to
keep visiting the toilet to be sick (dodgy take-away, not the beers!).
As I was constantly back and for to the toilet, I decided to sleep on
the sofa in the living room, as it was closer to the bathroom than my
bedroom was (in English Victorian houses, the bathrooms are usually
downstairs). I was woken up at some point in the night by a creaking
floorboard, and the feeling that someone was leaning over me. I assumed
it was my boyfriend, so without really waking up, I told him to go back
to bed, and that I would stay sleeping on the sofa. I fell asleep again

When I woke up in the morning, Alex (my boyfriend, who had slept the
night in my bedroom upstairs), asked me if I had come to check on him in
the middle of the night as he had woken up to feel someone leaning over
the bed. Assuming it was me, he had rolled over and carried on
sleeping. Yet neither of us had checked on the other at all in the

The last occasion when we thought something/someone else was in the
house was the next morning as we were packing up the last few bits in my
bedroom. We heard noises coming from the room below mine (Matt's old
bedroom). It sounded like somebody was dragging clothes hangers across
the rail in the closet. Alex leapt up (being bigger and braver than I
was!), and grabbing a curtain rail which I had just taken down, he raced
downstairs and into the bedroom. Needless to say, there was no one
there. I have never been so desperate to leave a place before - so Alex
and I managed to pack up all my things, and get out of the house in
record time.

It was almost as if the presence was making it known that it was time
for us to move out, as all the experiences happened in the last couple
of months, and escalated on the final night in the house.


A second story of experiencing the supernatural comes from my current
home. Alex and I bought our first house (a lovely Art Deco home built
in the 1920s) two years ago. The house has a lovely warm feeling to it,
and as soon as we walked through the door, we just knew we would be
happy there.

There are 3 huge bedrooms upstairs, and we took the front one as our
master bedroom. One night when Alex was unwell and was up coughing all
night, I decided to go and sleep in the guest bedroom at the back of the
house. I fell asleep immediately, but was woken up when I felt
something lightly touching my arm. Being half asleep, I just absently
brushed my arm thinking that a hair or some dust or something was
tickling me and went back to sleep again. But I later woke up again
feeling the same thing. This time I turned on the light and had a look
to see if one of cats had come into the room or something, but they were
nowhere to be seen.

I have since slept in this bedroom on a number of occasions (if ill or
had to be up really early for work and didn't want to disturb Alex) and
have felt this touching of my arm each time I slept in there. It feels
like someone is lightly stroking my arm, almost tenderly, and there is a
calm feeling or presence in the room. This doesn't feel malevolent, but
instead feels caring. Spooky as it sounds, on one occasion when this
had happened about 4 times in one night, I decided to speak to the
spirit and thanked them for their care and concern but asked them to let
me sleep in peace. Ever since then, I haven't felt their presence or
experienced the sensation of being stroked again.

Thanks Obiwan!

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