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A Sinister Spirit by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

From: Anonymous
Sun, Oct 12, 2008 at 8:08 PM

Please keep the author (me)anonymous if you decide to use the story. It is a true story...

My scariest experiences occurred in my gradeschool residence in Houston. Unexplained events abounded in the house. Personal items would disappear, only to turn up in strange places. Frequently, lights my parents turned off before going to bed at night were found to be turned on the next morning. With both my parents working during the day and my sister at daycare, I was often the first home. However, I never felt like I was really "alone" during those hours. My kitty, without known provocation, would unexpectedly hiss and tear out of the room. At least twice, I was in the living room watching tv and saw a tall figure in the corner of my eye walk past, only it was gone when I turned my head.

I could not remember a night that passed without being tormented by nightmares, especially the recurring nightmare of being chased by a tall, dark-haired man weilding a butcher's knife. My sister also suffered from nightmares and often came to sleep in my room. One of those nights she awoke, scared following a nightmare. She told my parents of her awful nightmare of a man that came out of my closet and lunged at her, trying to stab her! Whenever my mom made my sister sleep in her own room and I was alone in my room at night, I would hear people talking and banging sounds. One night, I actually screamed for my mom because my closet door opened and I could hear the sound of someone walking around my bed. It was so dark in my room that I could not see, but I felt as if I was in danger. She checked my closets and the rest of the house, but found no evidence of an intrusion. The second most scary experience I had at that house was when I was in my bathroom. I filled the bathtub with water, and just as I was about to get in, the water started to ripple and splash. I refused to go into my bathroom for nearly three months after that.

My mom confided with me years later that she also heard noises and voices in that house. Several nights, after she would put us to bed, she heard what she thought was us running back and forth. She'd dart upstairs to catch us, but we were fast asleep in our rooms, just as she had left us.

Perhaps the most unsettling event happened after we finally moved away. A new neighbor friend of mine told me about a story she wrote for English class, based on a dream she had. I asked her about her dream, and she began to tell me of a house where several children were murdered by a man with a knife. I asked her to tell me all the details, and, to my terror, she began to describe my former house, exactly. I had never told her about that house or the terrifying things that happened to me in it. But, all the details she described, from the distinct shape of the oak tree in the front yard, to the iron rail balcony and the architecture of the home---it was as if she had been there herself.

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