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Old Hag

Demonic encounter by MEJUSTICE [Reviews - 1]

This story happened two years ago when my Aunt died. I travailed from Ohio to Alabama to attend her funeral. As I was walking through the graveyard to see her buried, I had a feeling. Something was going to follow me from the graveyard. I brushed the feeling off as me being stupid, I am an easily spooked person by nature. The movie Jaws scares the crap out of me, so even the tamest graveyard is capable of totally creeping me out.
I went to my Uncle's house to stay the night with him, I didn't want him to be alone. I have never had a ghostly experiance at his home, so I felt perfectly safe when I curled up on the cot in my Uncles guest room. The only thing that was kind of strange was that Uncle kept saying over and over again to me, "You will be perfectly safe here, nothing will harm you here," He said this several times, which I thought was very strange, almost as if he was trying to convince himself that I would be safe in his home. He gave me a heavy sleeping bag and to sleep I went.
At 3 A.M, BANG! I woke up. There was something moving about in the kitchen, playing with pots and pans, I thought it was my Uncle, so I got up to see if he was cooking anything. It was pitch black but I turned on the light from my cell phone and went in. There was nothing there. I was so creeped out, I wanted to wake Uncle up, but I decided not to. I went to bed with the t.v. on for light, and after a while, fell asleep. I woke at something like an hour later. My head was covered by the sleeping bag. I slowly tried to get out of bed, but I felt something heavy on top of me, it was a dead weight which was pinning me to the cot. I thought that there was an intruder in the house and that I was about to be assaulted, there was this feeling of animalistic lust in the air, I knew that this was going to be bad, terror surged through my body, when all of a sudden, an angelic voice spoke inside my mind. "Don't move, Don't scream, Don't struggle or this thing will hurt you. Just pretend you are asleep and it will go away." A calm flowed through my body like I have never felt before, this wasn't the kind of calm that was natural, I still thought that whatever was on me was human. I relaxed and laid there for what seemed like hours, but was probably only a few minites. Whatever was on me was trying desperatly to get my covers off, but the sleeping bag Uncle had given me was one of those heavy duty sleeping bags, and it could not get it off me. It only succeeded in uncovering my head, neck and arms, I gripped the sleeping bag as tightly as I could so that it couldn't get the bag any further down, through slitted eyes I could see that it was a big, dark shadow creature. I felt icy cold breath against my face. I am so glad I could not see its eyes, I am sure that the memory of them would have haunted me for a long time.
Eventually, the heaviness lifted as the thing slowly got off me,I tried to say a prair that I had heard on t.v, but I could barely open my mouth, literally choked on the words, finally I was able to say, "The power of christ compells you!" and I sat up. To this, the thing said something right back. I heard a sound which I can only equate to something that I have heard in a movie. The movie Mortal Combat has this fighter called Reptile who makes this screechy God aweful sound, that was what this thing was making, an ungodly screeching of words in Latin. I don't know what the thing said, but I do know it was Latin, and this thing sounded absolutly pissed that it had not been able to complete its mission. Then, it was gone. I got out of bed, turned on every light I could find and ran to the living room where I cowered for the rest of the night. I prayed to God and I thanked him for sparing me from whatever damage the thing had wanted to commit.
The next day, I was very sick and weak. I didn't think anything of that until my mom came down to breakfast, but I think that the thing or demon or whatever it was had something to do with my being ill. I didn't know it until Mom pointed it out but there were pink scratches down my neck and arms. Mom asked me how I had gotten them, but I wouldn't tell her. I must have gotten them from when the thing tried to pull off my sleeping bag. Even though she has had her own experiances, she wouldn't understand this, she has never been touched by something non-human. I did tell my sister about it, and she said that when she had been alone at Uncles house cleaning, she felt a presence there. The presence followed her from room to room, she could see a black shadowy thing out of the corner of her eye, but when she would turn to look the thing head on, it would disappear.
When I am by myself, ready to sleep at night, I often wonder what that thing was and why it felt it had to hurt me? I also wonder what it was saying in Latin. I wonder if Uncle knew that something was going to happen to me, I have asked him, he is evasive about it. Maybe I am better off not knowing. But the thing that keeps me awake at night is this, what if that angelic voice in my head hadn't been there to help me?

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