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Ouija Hero by obiwan [Reviews - 1]

Kirk Vaniscak
Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 2:24 PM

I donít exactly remember the year this happened; I want to say it was late 1996. I had an apartment with my girlfriend (now my wife). We have played with the Ouija several times prior to this. This one evening my dad was out of town and the wife and I went over to my dadís house to do the Ouija with my younger brother. Now knowing that you are to never just get up and walk away from the board you want it to say Good-bye to you, or I heard you can just flip it over. I do not remember who we were talking with but he was not evil at all. It was getting pretty late so we wanted to go home. The Ouija would not say good-bye. Several attempts to do this failed so I asked why? He said he did not want us to get hurt. This kind of freaked us out a little bit. Asking how we would get hurt he spelled out DIE. This freaked me out something bad. Needless to say we flipped the thing over. It took a little to get our stuff and get home. When we got home we notice that our dog was locked in our bedroom, which is strange because the dog has the run of the house. After a little I walked into my bedroom and it looked like the dog had got a hold of stuff and had it strewn about the room. I started to put some stuff back under the bed and this is when I realized that my shotgun was missing. Someone had broken in through my bedroom window, stole my shotgun, and most of my wifeís jewelry. Kind of weird they let the keys to the wifeís car and about $40 on the countertop.

About 3 months later we found out who it was. It was actually a friend that I grew up with. He was all cracked out on coke and was actually going to my dadís house to steal his guns, saw that we were there so he went to my house. He later stated that we had come home on him and he left out the backdoor. So that explains why the money and keys were not touched.

Now I always wait until the Ouija says Good-bye, I firmly believe he saved our lives that night.

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