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Mysterious Creatures

Green little troll thingy-boy by Miss Mari [Reviews - 0]

In about June or July of 1999 I was pregnant with my daughter and I had the weirdest half asleep experience. It didnt really scare me and it doesnt really relate to ghosts or hauntings because I dont know what the heck that thing was...

It was the middle of the night, say 2am or so and I was having a hard time sleeping because it was freakin hot and I was big and pregnant. So I was laying on my back and I see this little boy come up over the edge of the foot of the bed, and he was green. Not alien green, just green tinged skin, green jaundice lol. This happened so quick... he was smiling at me but his teeth were pointy. I remember thinking 'wtf??' because my feet werent covered by the sheet and he slowly opened his mouth and gently closed his teeth on my big toe. It didnt hurt and he didnt bite down, well there wasnt any chance to because I yelped and kicked at him and he just poofed into thin air. I really couldnt sleep after that so I just stayed awake and tried to make sense of it. I remember exactly how he looked and what he did. He looked just like a little boy, he didnt have any crazy glowing eyes or anything. His hair was black, short and sticking up. Like a treasure troll with a crew cut lol. And he was green. I told one of my friends years later and he was said it was something evil. Honestly, I didnt get any negative vibes, it was more like a mischevious vibe. But that was just one of those crazy things that happen that there really isnt any explanation. thanks for reading :)

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