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Ouija Stories

I do not mess with Ouijas by Miss Mari [Reviews - 0]

Well my kids were asking about Ouija boards and I was telling them these little stories, so I thought Id share..

First a little background. The elementary school I went to was haunted. Alot of places around the whole neighborhood are haunted in some way. I dont know the history, just that the neighborhood is pretty old.

So, when I was about 10 I was at a friends house after school. Girls can be stupid lol and her, another friend and myself thought we were real cool going home to her house and her parents werent home. She was a latchkey kid so she would pretend we were visiting her at 'her' house. So... lol. We show up after school one day and we started playing in her older sisters clothes and stuff (her sister was like a senior in high school) and she comes up with the grand idea that we should play the Ouija board. I had no idea what that was and I was stoked. So she gets it out and we sit and start to play. Now the planchette starts moving and I thought the other girls were moving it so I play along and roll my eyes, whatever right? Well I take my hands off the other two girls start to argue whos moving the planchette, you know 'stop moving it....Im not moving it YOURE moving it.....' kind of thing. So it spells out 'im here' or something and they get scared, I thought it was a load of b.s my self. Then my friend, Ill call her J. puts it away. Shes near tears now. So we're just sitting there cross legged on the floor when we hear a crunchy sound. In her and her sisters room they had this really tall bookshelf about 7ft tall maybe taller. On top of this were her sisters pompoms and various other trophys and medals and such. So we hear the crunchy sound again, it was the pom pom moving. Then while we look up to the bookshelf, the pom pom crunches again and then floats to the floors. Ha, Im getting goosebumps just remembering... Well we all run out of the house screaming and just play outside till her parents get there. So thats one story...

Skip ahead a few months and I spend the night at my friend B. s house. Her older sister also had a Ouija board (geez, was this a trend or what? lol) So we had a few girls there and because a bunch of ten year old girls with no supervision can be stupid (again!) we play the board. So we get this girl named Nicki. She said shes like 15 and died in a car. Shes just talking to us, I dont really remember the whole conversation, but she did say she liked being around us girls. Well we say goodbye and stuff, but some of the girls are so spooked they wanna go home. So they did, lol. Yeah every parent loves that 1am phone call that they need to come pick up their kids. So there's 3 or 4 of us left. And all night there was something in the room with us. Whatever it was kept passing in front of the light coming from the stereo. We were all accounted for so we had a lovely night of 'did you see that??' and I didnt go to sleep till I went home in the morning.

Last one!! So Im still ten. Our 5th grade class was having its Halloween party. We had this contest that we had to eat apples tied to a string hanging from the ceiling. So there a few few apples hanging when my teacher decided everyone should go play outside. My friend B. brought the damn Ouija board to school and left it on her desk. A boy in my class Ill call H. decided it would be a grand idea to play it while everyones outside. So he picks me and I play it with him. Im a genius, I know, dont tell me :) So we start playing it and its not spelling anything just random letters and it kept going to goodbye. So, bored we decide to go outside with the rest of the class. Mind you, the teacher isnt even in the classroom. When we stand up and turn around the apples were swinging and to top that off there were a stack of health books on top of a table and the book on the very top slides off the pile and slams on the floor. We bolted out of there. And at that moment i decided never to touch a Ouija board again. We probably picked up on a something that was in the school, it was quite haunted but thats a story for another time....thanks for reading!

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