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Aunties house.. by Miss Mari [Reviews - 1]

When I was a teenager I would watch my aunts kids while she worked to earn some cash...teenagers like cash :) Well her house isnt really old, but it would creep me out so bad when I would stay there. Now I grew up in a haunted house so I was used to wierd stuff but my aunts house would scare me. It still scares me lol. She lives there still and she still makes that 'shut your mouth' face when I tell her about the ghost in her house lol. My cousins (the kids I babysat) are in their early 20s and she still doesnt want me to tell them about the house.

My aunt and uncle would go to work really early, like 4-5 in the morning and it was a pain to go pick me up at my house to come watch the kids so early so I would just stay the night so they wouldnt have to worry. Now, at night Id stay up and talk on the phone or whatever and I hated it because I would always get creepy ass feelings when I was by myself. Then it didnt help that they have the house completely dark at night. Sometimes Id be watching tv or reading and it would be late and Id hear someone walking around the kitchen. I knew that no one could be in there because I could see in the kitchen from my doorway.

My aunt cared for her carpet like a child and had those really heavy duty clear plastic runners all up and down the hallway. I would hear footsteps walking up and down the hallway all the time. Once I heard them walk right by the doorway and I didnt see whatever it was that was making the noise. I never said anything about it to my aunt because she wouldnt believe me and shes a skeptic...but one day I did tell her because whatever it was was getting out of hand.

So this happened in summer of 1997. I was watching the kids and everywhere in the house Id walk I felt like I was being watched. It didnt feel like a negative presence but it was super annoying. I kept wanting to turn around and yell 'wtf??' but then *I* would look like I was I also didnt want to scare the kids. Then in the afternoon I had the kids in the bath and I was in one of the bedrooms on the phone when someone tapped my leg. You know how you tap someone on the shoulder to get their attention? Like that but on my leg. I kinda screamed a little bit because I didnt see anyone. But to make sure, I went into the bathroom across the hall and checked the kids, sure enough they were both in the shower, the floor wasnt wet, they had not been out. So I think to myself 'Alright, eff it, let it go'. Well I got the kids out of the shower and dressed and everything. After I fed them I wanted to shower so I went in my aunts room to use her bathroom to shower, because I liked to use her soap :) Well when I was getting undressed with the door closed, I had the water going and when I bent down to pick up my clothes, someone put their hand on my back. The only way I can describe it is it was like someone placed their whole hand on my back palm down. I jumped and said some bad words and I turned to shut the shower curtain and then it tapped me on the shoulder. I wrapped myself in a towel and bolted out of the bathroom. I left the shower on and everything lol. I went and got the kids and told them to sit in the bathroom with me while I showered. Both of them (girls) were like 'what for?' I think I told them to tell me stories while I showered or something cause it was i came up with some idea just so I wasnt in there alone. And I never stayed at that house to babysit or anything ever again!

I told my aunt later on when she got home and she told me to never mention anything to the kids ever about any of the experiences. She also told me that one of the homeowners several years before had a pre-teen or teenage daughter that passed away in the house from leukemia. Thats really sad but my aunt seems to think maybe whatever in the house has to be the girl. Like I said my aunts a skeptic but she said that some stuff had happened to her that she couldnt explain, so she believed me. I still dont go to her house very much lol.

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