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Housecoat Ghost by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

from: mccances
date: Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 3:28 PM
subject: Ghost story

My husband and I and our four children live in a small town in the upper-middle of the state of Illinois.

One night one of my daughters who was about eight years old was having trouble goint to sleep.
All of our children slept upstairs and my husband and I slept on the lower floor. I finally had to call up to her and tell her she had to settle down and go to sleep and I never heard anything more from her. The next evening we were watching tv in our family room and I asked her what was the problem with her the night before that she could not sleep. She said she probably could have gotten to sleep if daddy hadn't come upstairs and stood outside of her bedroom door. Knowing that it could not have been her father (he was at a meeting) I asked her what he looked like. She said he had on his housecoat with the hood up and he was holding something hanging down in his right hand. I just covered over the whole incident thinking she had a bad dream.

The years passed, and we were at my husband's sister's house and the adults were playing cards. My youngest daughter, who is much younger than r than the daughter who had been involved in the "daddy" incident was leaning against me and kind of irritating me. I told her to go play with the other children and she said she wanted to go to sleep, she was tired. I jokingly asked her what she would have to be tired about. She said she couldn't sleep last night because daddy come up and stood outside of her bedroom door. After hearing these words after all of the years that had passed made goose bumps stand up on my arms. There was no way she could have heard of the "incident", I had made nothing out of it and it was just forgotten. I questioned her trying to not send out any alarms to my daughter. She described "daddy" just as my first daughter had.

Later on this daughter became human resources director at a big nursing home in a larger town
near our home. She told me about interviewing a lady who wanted to work at the nursing home.
While chatting with the future employee my daughter told her she lived in our town. The lady told my daughter that she had lived in our town at one time. My daughter asked her where she had lived and she gave my daughter the address where we had lived at the time of the two "ghost incidents". When my daughter informed her of this coincidence. They both thought this strange but then the lady really shocked my daughter by telling her "you know that house is haunted, don't you?"

I had had a couple of strange things happen to me while living there and after what this lady told my daughter it does make me wonder. I have never believed in ghosts.

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