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Cold Bedroom by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

from: Erika Lacey
date: Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 3:54 PM
subject: Parent's house

Iíve never really had an actual ghostly encounter but, I have always felt that there is something not right with the upstairs portion of my parentís house. A little background about the house: the house was built in 1998 in a brand new subdivision in Pearland, Texas. The house has two floors; down stairs is a living room, kitchen, dinning room, bathroom, laundry room, and my parentís room and bathroom. Upstairs and to the left are my sisterís rooms and their bathroom. In the center of the upstairs there is a gameroom and then across the way is a computer room, bathroom, and my room. As a teenager I lived in this house for about two years before I moved in with my boyfriend (husband now). Before I moved out, I never had bad feelings in the house and felt comfortable being up stairs. But, when I moved out and would visit on occasion, I hated going upstairs! If I had to, I would turn on all the lights. At night, I would really get nervous about sleeping in my room. This room always felt colder than the rest of the house and my dad had the attic checked to see if a duct was blocked and everything was fine. (If you live in Texas, especially near the coast, it never gets very cold here) Anyway, I especially tried to avoid the section where my closet and the bathroom met. For some reason there always was a very dark shadow there (there was a mirrored vanity across from these two doors and my room was well lit due to street lamps and passing cars but, nothing penetrated this particular spot.) I would feel sick to my stomach and would usually pile pillows up beside me so I wouldnít accidentally wake in the middle of the night and look over there. My sisters are scared of this side of the house as well and have even reported hearing their names being called and feelings of someone watching them from my room (the area where I hate to look). When my first son was born we moved in with my parents for a few months while my husband traveled with work. I felt more comfortable in my room but, on one occasion we had come home from having dinner and my son was looking at the top of the stairs when all of a sudden he began screaming in terror. He would not take his eyes off the top of the stairs and the only way I was able to get him to calm down was to take him completely out of the house. After about 10 minutes, we walked back inside and he was fine. He has never had another episode like that but, I do notice that if we go upstairs, he never goes on the side where my room is even though there is a computer and all kinds of fun things for a three year old to get into. Anyway, thatís my story. Thanks for reading. Erika

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