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Haunted Club by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

date: Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 6:31 AM
subject: Haunted Club

Hi. Just want to say, I discovered your site about three weeks ago and I am
addicted. I have many experiences to share with you and I will share them
with you one by one.

I can't say I've ever really seen a ghost etc., but I think I'm more tuned
in to the spirit world than most people.

This brings me to my story. In 1998 I started working at a club of sorts in
Cape Town South Africa. It was in a very old building that to my knowledge
used to be a library. The club I worked at occupied the first two floors of
the three storey building. The top floor was consisted of apartments.

The moment I first stepped into that place, I had an uneasy feeling. It was
always dark and cold and I always had the feeling that I was being watched.
At first, nothing really disturbing took place. Little things like strange
noises, etc.

A few years later, the manager died an untimely death and I took over his
position. It was shortly after this incident, that the beings that had been
there all along, started to manifest themselves stronger than they had
before. On one occassion, I was sitting in the lounge area with one of my
colleagues before opening time. At the time, we were the only people there.
We were discussing something when I heard someone call my name from the
back of the club somewhere. I looked at my colleague, not sure if I had
imagined it or not. She immediately said "I heard it too". It was the first
time I had confirmation from someone else that I was'nt losing my mind.

It seemed these beings became even more brazen after that incident. I was
unlocking the front door one evening (alone) and when I entered, I could
cleary hear someone runnning up the stairs. I was now completely freaked
out and at first I thought someone might have broken in. I turned around
and ran to the bar across the street. I asked the barman to accompany me
back to the club because I thought there might someone inside. He took a
baseball bat along and went inside with me. As I switched on the lights, he
searched the place and assured me there was no-one there. He did however
comment on the temperature and asked if I'd forgotten to switch the air
conditioner off. I had'nt. It was still hot and humid outside but it was
ice cold inside.

As the evening progressed, even more strange things started happening. The
doorbell rang a few times and when I went to the door no-one was there. By
now I was freaked out as hell. I went to the office at about 3am to do the
daily cash-up and when I sat at my desk, I could have sworn I saw one of
the waitresses(Skye) at the door from the corner of my eye. When I turned
to get a full view of the door, there was no-one. When I re-entered the bar
area, I asked her what she wanted when she came to the office and she said
she'd never been there! I decided to share all the weird goings on with all
of them and as you can guess I was sh!t scared by now.

As time went by, these "occurances" became more and more frequent , but
what eventually pushed me over the edge was this:
I was in the kitchen upstairs one night, when I got the feeling I was being
watched again. Only this time that feeling was accompanied by fear and
dread. My hair was standing on end. I slowly turned around, not quite sure
what I expected to see... nothing. As I was about to go back downstairs.
the kitchen went dark. I tried to shout , but nothing. I could'nt move. It
was as if someone or something was holding me there. The whole thing did'nt
last more than 3 minutes or so but I was never so scared in all of my life
and it seemed to go on forever. All I felt was this cold oppressive
darkness. I thought I was going to die. One of my colleagues was coming up
the stairs, I could hear her. Just then everything was back as it was, but
I could still sense something.

Needless to say, I resigned from that job.

I don't know who or what it was, but I know it did;nt want me there.

Sorry about the length.

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