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Old Hag

New Zealand Hag by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

from: Justine Wilson
date: Tue, Nov 9, 2004 at 9:42 PM
subject: My Stories


Both my mother and I have had several incidences with things of a paranormal nature. I have brothers and sisters and a father but it seems my mother and I are the ones that get picked on! I was brought up to believe that all spirit creatures who try to get our attention are evil, or demons masquerading as perhaps a dead loved one. However growing up I tend to believe different things. In my case I believe it was my negative energy that attracted the attack I received, in the second case I’m really not sure! I will give you two of my experiences and one of my mothers.

1. My nana was dying of bough cancer when I was about 7 years old. I’m 30 now. The house that my nana lived in with her husband and brought up 10 children in was an old convent. Instead of bedrooms down one end of the house it had cubicles with flowing white curtains instead of walls and doors. The other end had proper bedrooms. There were crucifixes every where, one said to contain the bones of David (which my mum later told me she knocked off the wall when she was little and vacuumed up the ashes, ha ha). My great aunt Rose also lived there after her husband had passed away and used to sit behind her door rattling her rosary beads and talking to her dead husband! So I guess the house in general was a great set up for a spirit to be roaming in!
Anyway… my mum went back home to take care of her dying mother. My mother by that stage had converted from being a Catholic to a very unorthodox religion, which she thinks is the cause of what happened to her. My mother’s sister was also there and they slept in Great Aunt Rose’s old room (she had passed away by that stage).
During the night mum went to sleep and was violently awakened by something sitting on her chest and strangling her. She couldn’t see anything but was scared shitless to put it mildly. She couldn’t speak but closed her eyes and prayed in her mind and the force lifted from her. Her mother died in that week she was there. I’m not sure if anything else happened while she was there because she doesn’t like talking about that sort of thing.
When she came back home, whatever it was seemed to follow her because several times she was violently woken and had the bedding fly off her across the room and was stood erect at the end of the bed. It only seemed to last for a couple of months and then it all ceased. A year or so later though I was walking with my mum and we heard heavy breathing behind us. We stopped and turned around but no one was there and the breathing was still going for a few seconds and then stopped. I was just curious as to what it was at the time but mum seemed to know and we walked away quickly. To the best of my knowledge nothing much happened to mum after that.
2. My first personal experience happened when I was 20 years old. I was already married and had a child at that stage. The marriage wasn’t going so well, my husband was an alcoholic and somewhat abusive. I had decided I didn’t want to live anymore one night and I overdosed with everything I could find. My husband returned home and found me half conscious and his mother made him take me to hospital. I spent four days there, then my parents came down from where they lived and collected me. They did not want me to go back to my husband. I was sleeping in my little brother’s room at their house and I woke up because I felt someone was in the room. I was quite calm, I thought mum had just come in to check on me. But then I felt immense pressure on my chest, no particular pressure points just all over pressure. I heard the breath leave my lungs like a death rattle and I could not breath back in again. I couldn’t talk but I instinctively called to God in my head and the pressure lifted. I was still and paralyzed for about 5 minutes and all I called hear was loud static in my ears like a radio station off tune and my head felt like someone had hit me with an axe and split it open. It was very physically draining and painful! I wandered into mums room and told her I had been attacked by a demon so dad went and slept in that room and I slept with mum. Apparently through the night though mum said I was talking in my sleep saying “Please help me” and when she touched me I sat up screaming and screaming but I don’t remember any of that. Nothing physical like that ever happened to me again, but I have heard that poltergeists are particularly attracted by young females because of their negative energy and I had plenty of that then. I’m not expert though so draw your own conclusions.
3. My husband and I had bought our first house together. (Yes I went back to him!) The house was probably around 40 years old so not too much history. One night I went to sleep and I woke up early in the morning, probably about 5 am and I saw a Maori girl (maori are indigenous people of New Zealand where I live) with long dark hair and a dark green rough wool blanket wrapped around her shoulders standing side on to me next to my bed staring out the window. I wasn’t frightened, I was just thinking I was imagining it, or it was the remnant of a dream so I kept looking and pinched myself to see if I was awake. I was! So I sat up in bed and looked right at her and she just faded away. I never saw her again after that.
Two years later I had asked my husband to leave. My friend Stephanie was also recently separated and came to stay with me with her two boys. She slept in the spare room which was the only bedroom with a lock on it, and she used the lock. One night she rang the phone in my bedroom from her cell phone because she was too scared to walk into the hallway to my bedroom. She had heard footsteps down the hallway to her room and then someone had tried to open the door and it was locked so it was shaking and the cat that was asleep on her bed jumped up in the air yowling. I got up and checked the hallway but there was nobody there and the kids were asleep. This happened another two times to her and I finally told her about the girl in my bedroom. She didn’t stay after that! I think the girl didn’t like her much.
Later on I was talking to my neighbour who is an old Maori man and he said to me “You need to get your house blessed because every marriage in that house has broken up leaving the woman there on her own”.
Make of it what you will but those are true and accurate stories. I have also been told by a palm reader that I am psychic, I don’t know about that or I would have won Lotto but I believe whatever it is I have I got from my mother and I think it creates a link between the spiritual and the physical.

Thanks for reading, I hope it wasn’t too boring for you!

New Zealand

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