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Apartment Weirdness by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

from: dmelendrez
date: Fri, Nov 5, 2004 at 5:30 PM
subject: Our Apartment

Hi Obiwan!

This is another story I have, although it's not very frightening, there are
some things that happened in the apartment we used to live in that cannot be

This was about 5 years ago, and we no longer live in the apartment. My
husband, my son (who was a baby then), and I moved to an upstairs apartment
(in the same complex) 6 months after we lived downstairs, due to the fact
that our downstairs apartment was broken into. We only lived in the
upstairs apartment for another 6 months, and then moved out. I always felt
uneasy in the new place, but at first, I shrugged it off as just my nerves,
but I never felt that way in the previous place. A few strange occurances
took place there that I know wasn't just my nerves.

There had been a few times when my husband went out, (my son and I were at
home alone) he would come back pretty late, and would have a hard time
unlocking the door to get in. I would always leave the bottom lock
unlocked, since he only had a key to the top lock. For some strange reason,
it would be locked, when I KNEW I had left it unlocked! I had to get up out
of bed (which I didn't want to do, that's why I always left it unlocked) to
let him in. Not scary, but strange, as if "whatever" was there, didn't want
him to come in!

Then, one quiet evening, I was playing with my son in his room, and my
husband was in the living room watching T.V. (keep in mind only the three of
us lived there, and no one was visiting). My son and I were sitting on the
carpet in the middle of his room, when all of a sudden his Rugrats piggy
bank which was on top of his tall chest of drawers in the corner of his room
came on! It's battery-operated, and it's of the dog with one of the Rugrat
characters (I can't think of his name) riding it, and when you either put a
coin in, or press the button, the dog would sway back and forth, while the
Rugrats theme played. It was very startling, because it was fairly quiet,
and all of a sudden it started playing, and the music played loudly! I
instantly got chills, and the hair on my body just stood straight up! I was
so scared that I froze! I couldn't talk, nor scream. But after a few
seconds, I was able to call out to my husband. He didn't believe it was
anything supernatural. He shrugged it off as something mechanically wrong
with the piggy bank. I still don't think so! It never happened again
though (thank God)!!!

Another incident occured when my son was a little older (he had just started
walking). This particular evening, my son and I were alone in the apartment
while my husband was taking some evening courses at a local college. I was
in my bedroom, and my son was in his room playing. My son came running in,
whining to me. He seemed frightened. His vocabulary was only limited to a
few words at the time, since he was just a little over a year old, but he
grabbed my hand, while still whining, and started "leading me" to his room.
He was making jestures, like for me to come with him to his room, like he
wanted to show me something. We went into his room, and he pointed to the
corner, yes, the same corner where the dresser with the Rugrats piggy bank
was! He grunted as he pointed to the corner, as if saying, "LOOK!" He did
this several times, like he was trying to show me something in that corner,
but of course, I didn't see a thing!

The next strange thing happened one morning while I was getting ready for
work. This could have been my imagination, but I'm not certain. Again, it
was just my son and I there, since my husband left for work early. My son
was still asleep in his crib in his room, and I was standing in front of the
big mirror on my dresser, putting on my makeup. I happened to turn around
and look at the door, which wasn't closed all the way, but most of the way.
I don't know why I turned around to look at the door, but something made me
do it. It looked as though someone was on the other side of it, opening it
very slowly. It didn't open much, but it was as though someone (or
something) was on the other side of it, trying to peek through the small
crack! I got scared, but ignored it after a few seconds. Nothing happened
after that, but I never felt comfortable being alone in the apartment. My
husband is not one who likes talking about the supernatural. He never
wanted to believe there was anything wrong with the apartment, but I knew
there was. He said it was all in my head, but how do you explain what my
son did? He was way too little to make up stories or fake anything.

Also, during the time we lived in that apartment, my husband and I started
having marital problems. Our relationship wasn't doing that great, and we
were always fighting, and mad at each other. I have a lot of bad memories
there, and I don't know whether to contribute that to the "spirit" that was
there. All I know is that there was definitely SOMETHING negative there,
which I think rubbed off on us! Fortunately, we moved out after our 6-month
lease was over, but it wasn't because of the things that happened. Now, I
am happy to say that we are doing MUCH better!

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