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Visits from the Dead

Grandpa Was Watching by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

from: Lori Carson
date: Tue, Nov 2, 2004 at 3:12 AM
subject: Grandpa was watching!!!!!

I always believed in ghosts. Don't ask me why, I just always have. I was 18 and working at a department store in a very popular mall. There had been a mugging a week before my experience. One of the girls I worked with was attacked and robbed as she walked to her car after closing. (We had to park in the farthest parking spaces) The night I had to close after the mugging, I was nerveous. The people I had worked with that night, I didn't really know and they left before I did. We had been warned to walk with a buddy, but I left the store by myself. I was worried, being 18 and by myself. When I got to my car, I noticed another car parked caddy corner to mine. Of coarse I was scared thinking that it was the mugger. I got into my car and made sure that I took notice to everything about the vehicle across from me. I figured I had to have something to tell the police. When I started my car, the man in the vehicle started his and inched to where his driver window was equal with mine. He tipped his hat and drove off. Freaked, I turned my car around to make sure that he was leaving. It didn't take more than a few seconds to do this. When I scanned the parking lot (empty at this time....we had closed and the only cars around were the people still in the mall), there was no car to be found. By this time I was freaked. I sat in my car for a while trying to figure out what had happened to the car. Then I realized what I had seen.....a western type novel between the window and the dash, the type of car (older type Chevy) and the man driving was wearing a baseball cap. It was then that I realized that my grandfather, who had died 2 years prior, always wore a baseball cap when driving. My grandfather's favorite books were westerns, and the car that he drove before he died was an old Chevy. To top off my freak out, when the gentleman that was driving the car drove past me, he tipped his hat; as to tell me that no thanks was needed. That was something my grandfather always did, tip his hat to say "no problem". To this day, I swear that it was my grandfather keeping me safe from a mugger that was in the parking lot. Thanks, Grandpa!!!!!

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