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Electric Shadows by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

from: suzanne ruby
date: Fri, Nov 5, 2004 at 4:49 PM
subject: "Shadow People Haunting"

Hi, I think I e-mailed you this the months have gone by I am still awed by the force and rage of this "haunting" and truthfully I am still scared to go to bed at night! My daughter does not like to talk about it....
Shadow People Haunting August 2004
This horrible frightening set of events happened to me almost one year ago. I fell off my horse August 24, at about 7:00 am in Los Angeles, California 2004 and basically shattered the left side of my body. Due to two different horses spooking and boltingt here had been a death of a rider who got disembowled and died and a young girl who almost lost her foot (a few days before I fell, in the stables next to where I boarded my horse), which 2 such grusome events I have never heard of while pleasure riding, especially not in the same place, and another horse had to be “put down” the day before, in my stables exactly where my horse spooked and bolted. Something absolutely terrified my horse to the point he went crazy for about 15 minutes. Even after I fell they could not calm him down. I have, in 30 years of riding never seen anything like! this before. It certainly almost cost me my life. I think an entity was wreaking havoc that weekend as 3 people almost died in a 200 yard radius and that what ever it was followed me home.

No one knew the extent of the damage to my body as they were taking me to the hospital, but it turned I needed to have surgery, especially for a shattered humerus, but they took me to a hospital where you had to pay the surgery cost ($30,000) instead of the County Hospital so I basically was sent home with no set broken bones and told I needed surgery and to go to county! How with 9 broken bones do you get to another hospital? Anyway, during that time that I was bed ridden and about a week after I fell, something came in my widow through a crack in the left side of my window air-conditioner fitter, the fitter wasn't quite wide enough to fit the space between the air-conditioner and window so there was about a ½ inch of space there that I would stuff a rag into or card board, but for some reason nothing ever stayed to keep it plugged up. What ever flew into my house, fle! w in with such force that it made my blinds fly from the window at a 45 degree angle and bash loudly back down to the window pane. My daughter and friends Cathy and Bared saw this happen too. You could immediately feel an angry presence, like someone had stormed into the room in a rage.

I was trapped in my bed with this ”thing” after I and my 12 year old daughter! It is the most frightening thing that has ever happened to me and my daughter. The haunting lasted about 4 months. Almost right away my computer quit working, (my daughter was using it), the VCR and t.v. quit as did the microwave and air-conditioners’ (it was 90 to 100 degrees outside) and my car was lent to a friend of mine and I had just put $3,000.00 in that car and gotten a new battery before I fell and I had to get the car towed 4 times and buy another battery! I should have saved my money for the day I almost died falling from my horse! Even my phone line went dead. I was trapped in bed and had soooo many problems fixing all this broken stuff! Everything electrical just died! Books came flying off of shelves and nothing would stay put on top of the refrigerator. Once we actually saw this "shadow ! person" fly from the smoke detector to the VCR, I mean into....the VCR. It was a very quick trail of black. Zip and then gone. I think they live off of or in our electricity.

At first I thought It was a ghost, our bed is metal and hollow and while we would be trying to sleep we heard and felt scratching on the bed and then a few other times it would hit the bed from underneath very hard. It actually pushed box’s (from under the bed) around while we were in the bed too. A few times we would see it ( a very dark shape, formless really, no arms or legs, like a shadow) dart from the closet floor to under the bed at night and then the scratching and banging would start. I mean this thing was tangible. A lamp fell and crashed and broke on my head as I was laying in bed!!!!! and the ceiling fan would go on, (on its own!) very fast and we do not have that speed in our fan! You could tell when something was going to happen from it because there was an awful pungent smell.! Very localized and the smell would move around. A bunch of other stuff happened but the point is that at first I was sure it was a ghost but after reading about "shadow people", the consensus is that they are aliens....there have been tons of sightings and encounters lately. I saw it moving round my room almost in the shape of a person once, I felt it was male and sometimes it felt very evil and sometimes I just felt a presence. Type in "shadow people" on your search engine. What do you think, I would like feed back. I truly believe that this "thing” could have killed me. If my friends and daughter had not witnessed the “haunting” with me, I might be doubting my own mind now! I swear this is all true.

It finally left, as I got better a friend told me that I had to order it out of the house in the name of God, which my daughter and I did and you could smell it and feel it go out the door. Then, eventually, bit by bit….everything that had broken worked again! I hope I never have to experience that again.

Good luck and God Bless.

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