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Closet Door by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

from: Kristin Meyers
date: Fri, Nov 5, 2004 at 2:15 PM
subject: ghost story

Hello, my name is Kristin, I live in Ohio and I am 20 years old. My story is true and it takes place four years ago. When I first started highschool, I had problems fitting in. I'm kinda weird, kinda loud, and I can be a little obnoxious. However, I eventually became very depressed. I didnt have friends, and I was extremely stressed out because my classes were near impossible. I started talking to myself and found myself upset one moment, and estatic the next. After seeing several therapists and psychiatrists, I was eventually diagnoised with with Bi-polar disorder (Manic depression) I was put on Topamax, which is a stablizer for the time being. Now, some of the symptoms I was having I realize were common. I liked to stay up and work on my laptop, or just play around while sitting on my fathers recliner. But most nights, in the corner of my eyes, I'd see dark shadows. I'd raise my head as a chill shot up my spine and hesitate long enough to examine the room around me. Nothing. And when I'd first wake up during the night......I had double visions. When walking by people, I could see an after phase. This is hard to explain, they would walk by me, and I could see a blur behind them, as if they were moving in slow motion. When I waved my hand before my face, it had that same effect, like my hand was casting layers of shadows. During the night, in my car, there were bright lights looking like golden butterflies shooting around the dashboard, ceiling. It was just bizarre and it troubled me because I knew I was the only one seeing these things. My mind was projecting these images. At night, I would wake up and there would be dark lines everywhere, looking like jail bars. Often, I'd bump into things trying to get out of my bedroom for a glass of water.Two years later, I came off the medication and I had become use to all these hullcinations. Only, many of them didnt stop. I asked my therapist if topamax had a lasting effect on my mind, but she told me once the medicine was out of my system, there should be no side affects. But the shadows still remained. I would quickly look up, hoping to catch a glimpse but there was always nothing there. One night, I awoke from a nightmare and when I turned my head to glance at the closet door, it was wide open. I distinctly remembered shutting it before I went to sleep because the shadows my clothes cast often looked like bodies to me. I instantly felt angry, because at the time, I had a very vivid fear of dead people, corpses beneath my bed, pressed up inside my closet. I would use anger as my initial reaction, pretending that I was more twisted than any ghost and for that reason they should be afraid of me!They wouldnt dare come near me! I got up and slammed the closet door as hard as I could and yelled "Leave me the f__k alone!!!" At that exact moment, the door flung back open, hitting my nose so hard, there was bruising the next morning. I nearly passed out. I got up and ran from my bedroom to get my mother. Can you imagine? Someone nearly 18 running to their mother for protection. Maybe its not as odd as it sounds. I was so afraid, I wouldnt go back to sleep. I still sleep with a lamp on in my room. My biggest fear is that I'll wake up and someone will be standing over me, watching me. Well, thats my story. Though, I am relieved the golden butterflies have stopped since I stopped the medication. Thank you for listening!

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