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Time/space Displacement

Doppelganger Child by obiwan [Reviews - 2]

From: "David Ceulemans" (
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: Seeing your own ghost
Date: 21 Sep 97 02:27:56 -0100


About two years ago, my cousin and I got into a conversation about the supernatural. We talked about Ouija, re´ncarnation, ghosts and stuff, until he decided to tell me something he experiance a long time ago.

It's a bit difficult where to start, since they're actually two separate experiance, but they do tie togheter... I'll just tell 'em in cronological order, as he told me...

Around '62, when my cousin was about 4 years old, he was sitting somewhere in the middle of the livingroom of the house his parents and him lived in at that time. He remembers quite detailed what was going on at that moment.

They had visitors, and his parents let him play with his toys, while they had a conversation. He remembers he was very sad about something, when suddenly his attention was drawn to an upper corner of the room. He looked up, and saw a spirit 'floating' up there, wich was watching him, and observating him.

He failed to recognice it, altough it seemed very familiar. The spirit had a rather sad expression on it's face. Then suddenly, he recogniced the face, as being his own, but only 20 years later. He just knew he was watching himself, my cousin explained, altough he coudn't have any idea how he would like by then. He just sensed it.

He kept staring at the older 'spirit' of himself, and after a few seconds, the face showed some kind of recognition, and smiled at him. After a friendly nod, it dissappeared. His parents were still conversating.

About 20 years later, he came home from work and was pretty tired. If I recall correctly, he had some troubles with his girlfriend at the time, and had no interest in watching TV, so he planned to go to bed early.

He sat down on the sofa, as suddenly he felt a presence - it felt as if he wasn't alone in the room. His attention was drawn to a corner of a room, where he saw a little kid playing with some toys! He remembers staring at it, while blinking his eyes to make sure he was awake, but th kid really was there.

Again, he didn't immediately recognice the little child, but the kid didn't seem afraid at all, and even showed recognition on it's face. A few seconds later he realised what was going on... He was looking at himself when he was a kid! Over the years, he never remembered his initial experiance, nor did he really understand what happened back then, but in a fraction of a second, he did recall this experiance he had as a kid. He felt a bit sorry about the kid/himself being sad, and tried to comfort it with a friendly nod. The kid smiled back at him and vanished.

I'm the only one he has ever told this story too, and although I have never heard anything like this again, it really fascinates me. I know there a name for experiances similar to this (ppl seeing their own ghost) but I never recall a story of ppl seeing themselves at differant ages...

Any comments on what this could be, what could have caused it, or even similar experiances?

Perhaps I should add as a sidenote my cousin regularly has Out of body experiances, although he never manages to leave the bedroom. More about this later on...

David Ceulemans_______________________________________________________
URL: IRC: Spooky on #AmIRC & #Waaslandia

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