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Mysterious Creatures

Evil Baby by obiwan [Reviews - 4]

From: Angie Myers (
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: Grandma's story
Date: 3 Mar 1995 19:04:51 GMT

Greetings everyone,

The story was told to me by my Grandma when I was a kid.

My great-great-grandfather had gone out to spend part of an evening to partake in converstion and an ale with his friends. (a night out with the boys). The time came when it was time to start heading home. He was happily singing songs and riding on his horse and buggy that night, when he encountered something laying in the middle of a crossroad. As he got closer he noticed that this was a baby bundled up in blankets.

He was outraged to think who in the world would leave a newborn-baby in the middle of the road like this. He decided to pick the newborn baby up and place it in the back of the buggy, and take it home and report the incident to the proper authorities the next morning. So he continued he journey home, it wasn't until a while later he heard a voice calling his name, he kind of was looking around and saw no one for miles around.

The was nothing but farmland, some trees bushes, but not one person. He continued his trip then he heard, "Daaaaadeeeeee, daaaadeeeee, look." He blamed his hearing things to the last brewski he had. Again, "daaadeee, daaaadeeee,looook, look at me". "daaadeeee, looooook, look at my little teeth!" Well by this time he was a little spooked and especially seeing that the horse was scared and nervous.

He turned around and to his HORROR the baby had fangs and was laughing and smiling at him, while saying, "look, daaadeee, look- I have teeth." ( I am getting the cold chills down my spine as I am typing this story, strange, because I am sitting next to the heater- Now back to the story)

At this point, the horse was going crazy, he decided to pick this thing up and threw it off his buggy- it disappeared before it hit the ground! He was scared S--tless, and drove out of there as fast as his horse would go. He had heard that this part of the country was haunted but he never believed it until that night. He claimed that what he was was the devil or a demon.

There was another story my Grandma told me. She and her parents were on the way to or from town during the day. They encountered a rather large black goat on the road. The weird thing about this goat was as soon as approuched it, the damn thing went on its hind legs and would not let them pass. My Great-grand father quickly took the whip and tried to scare it away. Everyone was in a panic, I goat ran off and disapeared in as soon as my Great-grand mother starting praying.

Alot of the towns people claimed to have seem and heard weird things in that part of the road.

I guess the moral of this story is don't drink and drive.


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