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Old Hag

Australian Experience by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Australian Experiences

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Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 04:44:53 -0800 (PST)
yourname Susan Parker

story I have actually been reading this site for a couple of years and have finally got up the courage to de-lurk! Anyway, let me not digress and finally post my own personal experience. I don't know how much of this is relevant but I am a fraternal twin.

Both my brother and I appear to be sensitive to the paranormal (as well as fascinated by it). My experiences started as a very young teenager (11 - 12) whilst my brother seems to have developed his sensitivity in his mid-twenties - although he was somewhat sensitive as a child as well as it turns out. Okay - here goes.

As a young girl (starting around 11 years old), I was often afflicted by terrible (or what my parents told me at the time) nightmares - I would often wake up and feel like someone was sitting on my chest and trying to smother me. I would hear footsteps at the end of passage way that always seamed to cease at my door. These footsteps sounded quite heavy but also very fast - almost like someone was running up the corridor towards my room (my room was at the end of the passageway). I would hear dining room chairs move around and when I would get up to investigate everyone was in bed and the chairs were as they should be.

This happened with almost monotonous regularity for several years - up until I was about 16 or 17 and by this stage I knew I wasn't dreaming. That this was actually happening to me.

Firstly, let me explain some background to you. I live in Australia - a fairly warmish client all year 'round. These events or nightmares usually took place on very hot nights - we don't have air-conditioning in the bedrooms just ceiling fans. Now that I've set the scene - I will tell you about one night in particular that still makes my hair stand on end.

It was a very hot Summer and I was about 16 (1987ish) - it was Summer holidays (January in Australia) and I was lying awake reading. It had been a sweltering 40 degrees Celsius (not sure what it translates to in centigrade but let me assure very hot) for about two weeks running without a break. As a result the house was quite hot.

Around 1.00 am I decided to reach over to my dresser and get a glass of water when I was SUDDENLY pushed back down on the bed! My book flew out of my other hand a and the room temperature dropped rapidly. Then the dreaded pressure on my chest started - I could breathe but not scream or talk - my vocal cords were completely frozen and I felt as though I was completely paralyzed. I did not see anything but the room had taken on a distinctly "ozone" type of odour - a similar type of smell that you get after an electrical storm with little rain. I could also hear what sounded like heavy breathing in my ear and the room had taken on a distinctly dimmer quality. I don't know why but I got the impression that this was a distinctly male entity.

Now this all seemed to be happening in slow motion - you know, when you're really terrified time almost seems to stand still. I struggled and struggled with whatever it was until I was exhausted but extremely angry. Finally, I thought to myself "We'll Damn you - kill me if you want I don't care anymore". Remember, my vocal cords appeared to be frozen so I couldn't actually say it out loud. I definitely screamed it my mind though! As soon as I said this - it let go.

After that event, it went away for a while. Now every couple of years it to come back and does the same thing again - just for a night or so not on a regular basis as when I was younger. As mentioned previously, it always seems to happen in the Summer not Winter. My last experience with it was Christmas (1988). My hubby to be and I were staying at his father's beach house and I apparently woke up screaming - "get it off me I can't breathe!" at the top of my lungs. I woke the entire household (the house is three story's) and quite large and there was more than a dozen or so people staying there so it was quite embarrassing to say the least.

Whatever it is it seems to be able to follow me wherever I live. I even had an experience with it once while I was living in the United States. Poltergeist or overactive imagination? I could almost put it down to my imagination if it did not still occur today and if my twin brother had not shared some of his experiences with me (he told me lots of stuff that happened to him as a child once we had grown up because he did not want to scare me when we were younger). My older brother and younger sister have never seemed to have any trouble.

If anyone wants to know more I will expand upon my other experiences and/or some of my brothers if anyone is interested. I would also like to hear anybody else's thoughts, feedback, theories as to what it actually is.

Also - just a quick footnote: my parents house (where most of this occurred was purchased brand new)!

Hope it wasn't too long or boring!


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