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Toronto College by Anonymous [Reviews - 0]

Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 15:54:30 -0700 (PDT)
address anonymous

In 1995 I worked as a security guard at a college in Toronto. It had recently acquired the old Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, and was in the process of renovating the collection of buildings.

I was assigned to work a temporary night shift until the regular guard returned from vacation. At this time, work had been completed on only three of the nine buildings, and I was to look after those plus the ones that were still awaiting renovation. Now I had heard all sorts of ghost stories about the place and didn't believe any of them......the place just had a history and I guess that plays on everyone's imagination. The interesting thing about this place is that there is a network of tunnels that connect each building.....there is a morgue in one the basements, as well as a number of very small rooms that patients were kept in.

It wasn't on my night shift that anything happened. Rather, I was patrolling one of the renovated buildings on a pleasant July afternoon when I had my first experience. The building was empty as there are no classes in the summertime......I was just about to lock the doors when I heard a sound come from the back foyer.....WHACK!!!! I just naturally figured someone was still in the building and went to tell them that it was time to lock up. When I reached the foyer, I saw the lid of the garbage can flipping around and around. (It was one of those lids that swings back and forth. If hit hard enough, it will flip around) I called out, but nobody answered me. The building is quite small and after checking all the rooms I found there was no one else there.

I still wasn't too disturbed over this occurance......I just figured it was mice or something. That is until I heard the distinctive sound of someone sighing. It came from the stairway directly across the foyer.......there was no mistaking it for the wind. A definite sigh. At this point I could feel the definite presence of somebody. Needless to say, I got the hell out of there in a big way. I set the building's alarm system and did not go in there for the rest of my shift.

I've been in the building several times since then and have never heard or felt anything else unusual.

The other time I had an encounter with something strange at this place was in the tunnels. Another guard whom I was training wanted to see the old rooms and the morgue down in the basement. We were walking along one of the tunnels when we heard what sounded like someone humming to themselves. We stopped to listen and discovered it was coming from the central area where the cells were. It sounded like a female voice.....humming an unrecognizable tune. We thought some kids had broken in and were fooling around, but the rooms were empty. Other people who work at the campus have had strange experiences. One of the instructors I knew once told me that he returned to the campus to pick up some papers and had to wait for security to open the door and turn off the alarm system. He was waiting outside when he observed a figure in one of the second floor windows. When the security guard arrived to let him in, the two of them searched the building for the mysterious intruder. The building was empty and nobody could have entered without setting off the alarm system. (This was the same building that I had my little encounter in)

I know this all sounds pretty phony and made up, but I swear it happened. I don't work there anymore, but one of the guards I know told me that three night cleaners quit after hearing footsteps come up from the basement of the haunted building. Anyways that's my story........make of it what you will.

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