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The Door by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 10:20:42 -0700
From: "Starter Fire" (
Subject: true story - Haunted door

Hi Obiwan,

Let me first start off by saying this is a very well done and informative site. I too have my doubts on the Borley Rectory and I have found your site to be a great help.

I have a story to tell and last time I checked, it was still true. I really don't believe much in the paranormal, so something really tangible have to jump out at me and bite me before I would believe. But this was very convincing, and I believe it to be true, if an explanation was given, I would accept it, but there was none. BTW, I live in Calgary, Alberta. Canada.

It happen just recently, at a Halloween party. I was invited to my friends party at his house, and some of the guys decided to crash at his place because we've never seen fog so thick before, and it seemed to have rolled in from nowhere. My friend had always told me that his house was haunted, and that he would only stay at that house on weekends (since Halloween was on a friday, he decided to have a party there.

Usually, he would be staying at his grandma's while his parents stayed at that house. Located near Scotchmen's hill (I may have spelled that wrong), the house seemed very normal and was quite homey. That night we decided to stay up a bit and hear the stories about this house. Well, this is what I know about the house's past history - This house has gone through 4 owners, previous 3 owners had tragic ends. First owner committed suicide and later his wife and children died from a car accident. Second owner committed suicide and girlfriend died in a car accident. Third owner? Well, he died in a crash and his wife commited suicide. I know, coincidences can happen. That's what I thought too, but then he goes on to tell us that doors open by themselves (wind was the first thought), he's garage door opens by itself (mulfunction maybe?), and other weird things (I thought he was on drugs).

Well, the first incident happened at around 1:05am. While we were talking, we heard someone knocking on the main door (ok, his parents weren't home, I'm with him and 2 other guys, and the others decided to brave it home despite the fog). At first I thought some of the people had returned because the fog was too much. My friend started to shake. He goes on to tell me that it's the ghost. I thought that was a very stupid thing to say, it could be trick or treaters, or people from the party returning, but he insisted it was the ghost. He says that's how it always starts. I decided to open the door, as soon as I opened the door, the knocking stopped. I thought it was strange, and some of the things my friend said started to bother me, but I shook if off the best that I can. While I was walking away from the door, the knocking started again (now I was sure it was trick or treaters pranking us). I opened the door, this time, the door knock continued. I'm standing there looking at the door while I can hear knocking noises coming from it and no one there. That freaked me out good. I slammed the door, and ran back to where my friends were. I told them what happened, and we decided maybe we all should leave. Second incident happen right after the first at around 1:11am. As we were getting ready to leave, I noticed a figure walk into the room and walk past me. I started talking to the figure thinking it was one of my friends. When I turned around, no one was there. It was a one door room, you come in, you go out the same way. That really frighted me. My other friend was in the room (he was there previously), just stood there and asked me "Did you see it...?", while shaking uncontrollably. I just walked out of the room, thinking this is unreal. My friend had previously told me every visitor had seen or experienced something in this house, and he was sure we'd see something. The door started knocking again, I had left it open previously, this time the door wasn't secure on it's hinges, it was not even there. As we were walking towards the door way where the door was suppose to be, the door came sliding down the stairs with a loud crash. We turned around and saw the door on the floor. "How the heck...?" was my response, and when we turned around, the door was back on it's place - on the doorway. We turned around again and saw no door on the ground, just a mark left by the door when it came crashing down from the stairs. As we left, everything in the house went crazy. We could hear furniture tossing back and forth, light's all over the house going haywire. Even neighbors came to inquire what was going on. All we could see was things being thrown, and lights coming on and off while neighbors and my friends looked on. About 15 minutes later, it went quite. The police came to the house (someone must have called them) and asked what was the problem. The neighbors and I told him what happened and he decided to investigate. He told us to stay outside while he check it out, 10 minutes later, he came back and reported there was nothing wrong. I thought, "didn't you see all the furniture wreck on the ground?". The neighbors and my friends decided we have a closer look, and we found everything to be in order. After giving a police report, a news crew came and my friends and I were interviewed. We made it to the 6 O'clock news the next day - The Mason House (that's my friends last name) the most haunted house in Calgary.

What was different about this was it was witness by more then 20 people, it was in the police report, it was on the news on CFCN, and it's been investigated by several so-called "ghost hunters". I know it's strange, but after the door was taken out of the house (just 4 days ago) everything stopped. The house is quite, according to my friend. And the door? It's at some garage, I really don't care. As far as I'm concern, that door it gone for good. Oh yeah, I really don't know the history behind that door, nor does my friends, but it has been there ever since the first owner.

That's my story.


Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 14:45:45 -0700
From: "Starter Fire" (
Subject: Some update on the Haunted Door.

Hi Again,

I previously wrote about the Haunted Door, and it's hauntings at the Mason House in Calgary, Alberta. Canada. I have some update information if you wouldn't mind updating the story. BTW, I really appreciate this. Oh yeah, some guy is writing a book about the house I told you about. I will try to get his name and the title of his book.

Anyway, it's Nov 13th now. And I think about 6 or 7 days since the door was taking away (we suspected the door was a big cause for the hauntings). The house has been quite ever since. I also found out that an East Indian fellow bought the door from my friends Dad (I personally thought he should have burnt the door). I don't know if anything happen to this East Indian fellow, we don't know who he is.

My friend and his family put the house up for sale, he'll be moving up north of Calgary. I told him I submitted the story about his house to your site, he read it over and told me I had left a lot of details out as to what other hauntings happened that night. Apparently, I never bothered to ask him about his accounts of the house that night.

Well, when I went into the one of the rooms to get ready to leave the house, my friend as in the other room packing some things with him (this is after we encountered the door knock and felt freaked out). This room had a fireplace, and this is what he saw. He saw a body of black mist come out of the fireplace, and flew past him and out the door (apparently, entering the room I was in). He later saw the figure again as we were heading to the front door. He saw the figure enter the door and vanished.

That's when we had our ghostly missing door encounter. He also said prior to the party, he thought he saw a figure hiding in the corner of one of the walls. A pack of 24 pop cans exploded in the cooler (that I remember) during the party. And several cars with alarms (including mine) went off, all at once (I personally thought it was pranksters, it is after all, Halloween). One of the guest couldn't leave because the front door won't open, but the door did open later. As my friend was cleaning up the house after the party (we helped), one of the bags containing garbage spilt open by itself (I wasn't in the room at the time, so I didn't see it), this was witness by 2 of my friends, who attributed it to over-full bags.

I guess that's it. A ghost researcher from Vancouver is investigating the whereabouts of the door, it never occured to us that the door could have been the cause until it was sold to someone else, and the activities stopped.

Jason Marshall.

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