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Table Cloth by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

From: (Sharon)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: Poltergeist or Ghost(s)?
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 20:03:06 GMT

Hi All,

Figured it was about time to tell of some strange happenings in my ex parent's in law's home. They just sold it after being there for about 25 years if I remember right.

I used to stay up late at night, talking to "mom". (I think of her more as my mom as we have been so close from the time we first met, and still are the best of friends). She and her husband have had several incidences that happened while living in the house. Mostly when ever they had renovations done.

They had several things "disappear" in the house. Example, one time her mom came to visit. She placed her earrings on the fireplace mantel. Well, a couple days later she went back to find them gone. No one had touched them. They looked all over the house, no luck. So, "Grandma" went back to her home minus her earrings. A couple days later or so, "Mom" found Grandma's earrings on the mantle, right where she had left them. They just "reappeared".

Another re-ocuring incidence that was common, the silverware drawer would several times be changed around. (Spoons, forks and such completely turned around in the opposite order she kept them in). Also, they have a pretty good size oval table in the dining room. On the table is a pretty good size table cloth, and in the middle is a decoration. This decoration is pretty good size and weight. It is a girl riding on a bike made out of iron. It must stand about 18" high at least. Well, one morning they woke up to find the table cloth perfectly positioned on the floor, completely spread out, with the decoration right in the middle! They have cats, but there is no way they could have done this.

Another incidence my step dad in law had is as follows. He "saw" his wife going into the bathroom. He yelled out to her as he wanted to talk to her. Well, after yelling at her a couple minutes, (she didn't answer at first), he did get an answer. She was answering him from the bedroom, which is completely in the opposite direction of the bathroom!. Kind of freaked him out.

Mom also woke up one night, and was looking over her husband. She noticed an old man and old woman, (In about 40's dress I believe), they were standing on the other side of the bed by her husband. Well, she just watched a bit till the old woman started bending down toward her husband. Needless to say, this really scared her. She immediately woke her husband. When she did, the couple disappeared. She asked her husband if he had been dreaming about his parents, (both were dead). He said no, so she told him what happened.

One of the last things I heard of happening in the house was the following. My step dad was in the living room, by himself I believe, just reading the paper. He said all of a sudden he felt kind of funny, looked down at the floor, only to find himself AND the couch about at least one foot off the floor!

I guess in some ways they kind of got used to these strange happenings. I know when ever I visited, it was usually with the covers over my head as much as possible when trying to sleep at night! The things that happened to them didn't bother them as much as it did for me. I also experienced my first earthquake there also in that house. Kind of funny to see the trees moving with no wind! My brother in law came out of the bedroom, (about 7:30 am), and asked me how I liked my "first earthquake"! It was interesting, but I am glad they have moved. I hope their new house isn't haunted as when I get back to the states, I will head out to the Washington area where they now live. And I hate sleeping with the covers over my head!

Hope you enjoyed this. Though I absolutely believe in ghosts, I really don't think I want to actually see one.

I also have another couple friends who have either seen ghosts or live in a house where a ghost lives also. But, that's for later.

See ya!

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