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Time/space Displacement

Nazi Dream by Anonymous [Reviews - 3]

I would like to hear of anyone's experience with reincarnation. When I was very young, I often woke up seeing not my usual bedroom, but the inside of a bombed-out building. It was a very frightening experience. I tried very hard, shaking my head and blinking, even talking, trying to rid this image around me, but I never could. Strangely enough, it always occurred in black-and-white. These fully lucid experiences were accompanied by the following dreams: As the dreams began I saw a train car, removed from the track, and placed in the middle of a field. It was night, but the train car was brightly lit. Inside women and men, all dressed in hats and scarves, wool coats, dresses, suits and dress shoes (ca. 1930-40s). Inside everyone was struggling for air, and many people, including the woman who was myself had their faces pushed against the small windows of the car. As everyone struggled for air, my face was pushed closer and closer to the glass, until my lack of air caused me to awake. But, this didn't happen until the scene drew from the car, and back along the field and hills where two people were filming the scene from a brownie-type camera on a high, wooden tri-pod. One man was in a uniform, and the other was in a long, black, wool coat. His hands clasped behind him and rested on his lower back.

Many of these dreams occurred before the scene drew back enough, and focused closely enough on the two men for me to finally see them well. It was a progressive process. Anyway, my breath always ran out just as I saw these men, whatever the degree of 'identity' was. The dreams ended when I was able to see them clearly, but I still couldn't reference who they might be. I was, after all, only about 3 when this all began. These dreams went on until I was 9. Sometime before they ended, though, when I was still waking up and experiencing the rubble of the bombed building, as I had described earlier(remember that these were happening concurrently), I began seeing a woman with light brown hair, wearing something like a trench coat. She was standing before me, and looking out of what was left of the windows. One day, I woke up to this image of my being in the middle of a bombed building, seeing the woman, and being very afraid, when all of a sudden the woman turned around and looked at me. When she did, the image disappeared, and it never came back. I don't know how I know this, but the woman was me, and her name had been Vera. I knew those two things as soon as I saw her. I think she was Czechoslovakian. (I should also mention here that I spoke a 'foreign' language as a child. I only spoke it to myself, so I don't really know what it was, but when I hear certain eastern European languages, it reminds me of my 'foreign' language.

When I was 10 and in the fifth grade, my teacher showed us a film about Auschwitz (I am forty, so my parents and teachers were all of that generation). In the film were the images of two men filming any of the numerous atrocities with a camera mounted on a high, wooden tri-pod. The one man had on a military uniform of the Nazis, and the other, the coat of the secret police: long, black wool. His hands were clasped behind his back. It came to me only then that these were the kind of men in my dream. I hadn't recognized these kinds of 'costumes' before I had seen this film.

Of course, what followed was an intense study of the holocaust, concentration camp psychology and life, etc. for the next 18 years. I couldn't stop until I had ready every account and see every archival film I could find. Then all of a sudden I just felt satiated with it all, or maybe satisfied in some strange way, and have never really studied it since. I do, though, continue to read new accounts as they come out.

I know that these kind of experiences are not uncommon among children. Has this happened to anyone else?

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