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House Lady by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

From: (ed morton)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.ghost-stories
Subject: haunted house
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 1995 21:40:20 LOCAL

I am now 40, but when i was kid, 12 to be exact. my family and i lived in a haunted house located in old town alexandria va.

My family didn't have a lot of money my step father and 6 kids moved into a house near the corner of king and henry street. we were renting at the time my mother found it hard to believe that someone would rent a house like that for a very cheap price even in 1967 dollars $110.00 dollars a month was very cheap to rent a single family house with full basement.

Anyway one thing that we first noticed after moving in was in the dining room on the ceiling there was a stain, my mother would scrub it away and withen a few days it would reappear. strange but not too scary.

about a month later i was the first to recipient of really strange going ons i would be lying in bed and all of a sudden the bed would start vibrating like crazy needless to say this scared the heck out of me.

i didn't tell my parents because i didn't want them to think that i was some kind of baby scared of the dark.

my sister received a german shepard for a birthday gift one day about a day or two later the dog refused to stay in the house. he would scratch on the door and whine until someone let him out. unfortunatly not long after that we found him frozen to death in the back yard because the house terrified him so. one day my sister told me that she would sometimes hear strange noises outside her door, and sometimes she would see a spirit of a lady standing over her when she woke up at night and she said that she was scared to go to bed at night. strange but no one else in my family reported anything strange. one night my held a party in the house and one of her friends went upstairs to go to the bathroom. in order to get to second story you woul go up a flight of stairs to a landing with a big window on the landing the you would make a right to go up another flight to get to the second floor. anyway we were all downstairs when all of a sudden we heard a loud scream and a loud crash of breaking glass. everyone rushed upstairs to see what happend. we found my mothers friend on the landing standing in a pool of blood screaming like a banshee. when she finally calmed down she explained to us that on the way upstairs she saw a woman standing on the landing she didn't think anything of it at first because she thought that she was one of the party goers. however she said that as she got closer it seemed as though the tempature dropped about 30 to 40 degrees she reache the landing, said hello to the woman then started to go up the second flight of stairs when the woman grabbed her and tried to push her thru the landing window. she was later taken to the hospital and had to have 50 stitches. anyway she explained after the woman tried to push her thru the window and she screamed the woman vanished. not long after that we gladly moved out. we had finally packed up everything on the truck and was about to drive away when my uncle's girlfriend who was helping us pack looked back at the house, screamed and fainted. we turned to see what scared her so badly and saw a woman standing at the back door watching us. my uncle ran towards the house but before he reached it she vanished. beleive it or not this a true story. I am now a field service computer tech. and some of my customers are located in alexandria's old town and i will periodicly drive by the house and usally find a for rent sign out front sometimes the sign would be gone indicating that someone rented it, but not for long within a few months the for rent sign would be back up again. later we found out that a woman was killed in the house in dining room by her jealous husband it seems that he stabbed her repeatedly and the stain on the ceiling was blood.

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