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Basement Door by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

Subject: Amy's story
Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2006 6:59 PM

When I was a young girl we moved around a lot. We always stayed in Michigan
usually around Coldwater. It was always my Mom my sisters and brother. We
moved into a big rental house on Washington St. My sisters and brother and myself
never liked the place but it was all my Mom could afford. From day one there
was something wrong with the place. it had a huge fireplace in the
livingroom and one upstairs. The weird thing was that the fireplace downstairs was all
closed up sealed with cement. The basement had a really horrible smell. I
mean it smelled like something had died down there. My grandfather was always
putting stuff down there to kill the smell but nothing ever worked. You could
never keep the door closed to the basement either it had a hook lock with a
spring to lock it. You would lock the door and it would be open the next time
you came back. It didn't matter if you put something in front of it the door
would still come open. One time my Grandpa gave us a milk safe (for those of
you who don't know what a milk safe is it's basically a china cabinet only
there is no glass in the doors it's all wood). My Mom got the idea that she
would put it in front of the basement door she figured as heavy as it was there
was no way the door would come open. Right after she put it there we went to
my grandparents for supper. When we got home it was pushed out and the door
was open. Scared us silly! Well, all of us kids had our own bedrooms but we
refused to sleep in them. So my Mom had us all sleep in the livingroom on the
floor with her. One night we were all asleep when all of the sudden we heard
what sounded like a party on our front porch it was loud as hell. But when we
opened the door there was nothing there. Then we started hearing noises
coming from the sealed off fireplace. My Mom grabbed us some clothes and we left.
She took some friend to do a cleansing but that just made everything worse.
Needless to say we moved later that week. My grandparents helped. Later that
day my grandma told my Mom she had seen something so horrible come out of the
basement that it would haunt her for the rest of her life but that was all
she would say. You know we stayed pretty close to the area and nobody ever
stayed there very long and now the house just stands empty. I swear everything
in this story is true. If there is anyone reading this that has ever lived
there (and you would know without the address) I would really like to hear from
you. Thank you, Amy

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