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Visits from the Dead

Aunt Sarah by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

From: "Janell Haycock"
Subject: Don't know if you are still accepting ghost stories.....
Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 6:19 PM

I'm not quite sure if this website is even active
anymore, or accepting stories, but I've been checking
out this site for a couple of years, and I've finally
decided one story I know of might entertain a few out

First note, forgive me, but this isn't an experience
that happened to me directly, although my source is
credible. Stories that go through the grape-vine, in
my opinion, become even more skeptical so again, I'm
sorry. It's an awesome story though whether you
believe it or not.
When I was growing up, my family and I used to be very
close to my dad's cousin and his own family. My dad's
cousin Gary (names withheld) was married to a woman
named Sarah. They had two kids--- boys that weren't
too much older than myself. Nearly every summer,
before I had even begun to grow into my teenage years,
all of us would go down to Lake Powell for a few days
and hang out in the sun (Lake Powell kicks so much
ass.. heh). My dad and Gary would have contests of who
could catch more fish, who could win more money during
a card game, and so on. Those were some of my fondest
memories-- memories of hanging out with my cousins
while our parents got drunk upstairs, playing poker
and the like.
When my parents got divorced, I hardly ever saw Gary,
Sarah or my cousins. It just wasn't the same with out
my own family being whole.
About two months ago, I was hanging out at my house
with a guy that I hadn't seen in couple of months. We
were just catching up, and it was nice to see him
again. Right after he left, my cell phone rang. It was
my dad.

"Sarah passed away tonight."

Sarah has always had really bad back problems, caused
by her large breasts. (Damn boobs.. we women always
knew they were no good.) She had had another of
multiple surgeries that day.
To be honest, at first I felt nothing but pure shock.
I didn't know how to feel.. I once knew Sarah very
well, but it had been so long since I had had a decent
conversation with her that I was confused with my
Sorrow came, of course, after I reran memories of my
'aunt' (technically, both her and Gary were my
cousins, but them being older than me and around my
own parents' ages, I always just thought of them as an
aunt and uncle) in my head. I was sorry that I hadn't
been around her more, and I was sorry for her sons,
both of them now about 22 and 24. Most of all, I was
sad for my uncle Gary. I don't think I ever realized
how much he loved her until I saw him at the funeral.
He always seemed kind of emotionless and serious to
me--and to see him crying the way he was had me
balling like a baby.
The funeral was sad, only about a week before
Christmas. I could see that my uncle was having a hard
time--- my dad actually works for Gary so my dad is
still close to him and has to see him everyday, thus
keeping me updated on my uncle's well-being.
One day though, my dad came home with a story. My dad
related this to me while we munched on
chips-and-salsa, an unspoken tradition that we do
everyday after we get off work.
Sarah died in her bed while she was taking a nap after
getting home from her 'successful' surgery. Gary found
her upstairs a few hours later and called the
ambulances, whom then declared her officially dead.
They took her to the hospital anyway, and there my
dad, his wife, and a lot of my other relatives met up
with my uncle Gary and his sons, giving them their
condolences and trying to comfort them in any way they
could. My dad said it was one of the hardest things he
has ever had to experience.
After a long night, Gary finally decided to head home,
riding along with his parents since he had rode along
in the ambulance to the hospital. They made it home
only to find that the front door was locked, and Gary
had forgotten to take his keys with him. Telling his
parents that they always left the back door open, he
told them he'd go around back and let them in the
front. As he moved around the side of his house and
stepped inside their back gate, Gary said the most
beautiful white snow he had ever seen was falling only
in his back yard. And all he could do for the moment
was watch it while he cried.
My dad said that Gary ran into the front to grab his
parents, but when they went back into the backyard,
the snow wasn't falling anymore.

I'm sorry that was so long, and that it wasn't a
typical, spooky story. I find this story extremely
touching though, especially since it came from my

Whatever 'logical' explanation can be thought up, I
know Gary believes and likes to think that it was his
wife, giving him a little bit of something special to
let him know that she loved him, and that she was


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