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Bedroom Knocks by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

From: "Rita Durrett"
Subject: My exsperience for your site.
Date: Saturday, January 28, 2006 6:30 AM

My experience with strange happings. I am not a person that believes
everything I hear or see but I have had some strange things that happened to
me. Some now that im older I know was just my extreme imaginations from when
I was a young kid but also some of it I couldnít just right off as my
imagination. Here are the ones that I just can;t right off as a extream

When I was maybe around 9 or a little younger We (my mom, and my younger
brother and my self)moved from one part of town to another. The house we
moved into we knew the last owners somewhat. Well my mother knew them a lot
better than I did. And the guys mother died in the house but I didnít know
that she died in the house at the time. Nothing happened for awhile when we
moved in and at first my brother and I lived in the same room together.
After awhile though we both wanted our own room but for some reason I didnít
like the idea of being alone in the room even when we both shared it. I kept
the room because there was a tv with cable and I enjoyed staying up watching
tv. I also like the fact that there was only one window in there and the
other room had two. I donít like windows in the rooms I sleep in. Any way
even after he moved into the other room nothing started just happing or
anything. When my brother and I got mad at each other we would do this thing
of knocking on the wall to annoy each other. Most of the time we werenít mad
at each other but just liked annoying one another (you know how brother are
if you have one LOL or even if you have sisters) anyway One night about
10:30 or 11:00 maybe 12:00 not sure of time just that I knew it was pretty
late the knocking on the wall started. The knocking started kind of quietly
and it didnít bother me too bad at first I was just trying to watch tv.
After a few minutes usually if I donít respond when he starts he just gives
up but this time it just got louder and louder. Finely I decided I was tired
of it and started tapping back at him louder than he was. It went on for
about a minute or two before I really got tired of it and I was more mad
than annoyed and yell to stop. When I did that the knocking that was in one
spot and constant started moving across the wall to his bedroom door. It
then stared down the hall twords my door. I decided to get up and stand by
my door and wait for him and when he got there I was going make him stop.

Well it got closer and closer and when it got to my door I opened my door
and nothing was there. He didnít have time to run back to his room or to the
end of the hall and he couldnít have ducked in the bathroom because the
bathroom door was open and where the mirror was I could see the whole
bathroom. I did go in there to see if he was hiding in the shower but he
wasan,t. I decided to go into his room and when I did he was out like a
light and snoring and seemed dead to the world and I even opened his eye
lids. The strange thing is that where the knocking went across the wall in
his room there is this huge Chester drawer that he couldnít have moved by
him self because it still takes 4 adults to move it just even a little bit
and he was 7 at the time and there would be no way he could have moved it
from against the wall to where he could get behind it and knock all the way
down the wall like the knocking did.. Well after that a few things started
happing. Mostly to me but if it happened to my mom or my brother I donít
know about it. When I was a kid I was a very messy kid I left everything on
the floor and when it was time to clean up I just pushed it all under the
bed ( im still kinda messy LOL) well one night I was watching tv and I heard
my name being called. It sounded like it came from the end of the hall by
my momís and brotherís rooms were at the end of the hall. At first I
thought it was my mom because it sounded like a woman kinda. Well I walked
down to the end of the hall and went into my momís room and started saying
what do you want mom? I figured she was going to tell me to go to bed and
that the tv was to loud. Well I when I said what do you want mom I startled
my mom out of her sleep and she said what are you doing. I said well you
called me didnít you. She said no and I was like well someone did I guess it
was brother.

I went over to his room and said his name and turned on the light and he was
sound asleep. Later one a few months after that I had one last thing happen
there. I was in bed during summer and we tried to keep the electric bills
low so I had a fan in my room inside of running the ac all the time. My fan
started acting funny like power serging going real fast and then all of a
sudden just slowing down to where the blades basically stopped and then just
zooming back on. It could have been something electrical but I Ďm not sure
and I didnít know much about electrical stuff then. But it kinda freaked me
out. I decided to turn it off because of it and figured something was wrong
with the fan. When I turned it off I covered back up and I started hearing
what sounded like crumpled up paper moving around. Which of course there was
a lot of crumpled up paper on my floor. I tuned over and looked down at my
floor and noticed what looked to be one of the pieces of paper rolling back
and forth from one spot to another and back. It freaked me out pretty bad
and I heard something in the hall and as soon as I heard walking down the
hall the paper just stopped and I jumped up and ran to my door to run down
the hall and jump in to bed with my mom and when I got to the door I opened
it my mom was walking down the hall and I ran right into her. She said what
are you doing? And I told her about the fan and the paper and she really
didnít believe me that anything supernatural was happing she told me my
imagination was running wild and there was probably something happing that
could be naturaly be causing it

all and that the fan was probably faulty. She let me stay with her that
night and I told her about the other things that happened but she dosen;t
believe in this kind of stuff and told me that there could be all kind of
natural things causing it. I didnít learn until after we moved that the room
that I stayed in was where the guys grandmother stayed in and passed away.
My mother said you know I was going to tell you about it but I figured after
you told me what you did about the things that happened to you I decided it
would just drive your imagination more. She said that she dosen;t believe in
that kinda of stuff but that she found it a little strange because of how I
acted about the room and not wanting to stay in it by my self even before
the stuff started happing. Nothing happened for a few years after that but
one night in the house we moved to. The way the house was we had a living
room and on the west side of the living room there is a door way the leads
the bathroom and on one side of the bathroom is my broís room and on the
other side was my room. Well one night about two years or three after we
moved in I was in my room and every one had just gone to bed and I saw a
light come on from the bathroom and heard water running like someone was
getting ready for bed. So I figured it was my brother and didnít think much
about it. The water ran for a few minutes and drawers opened and closed but
it was pretty loud and kinda bugging me a bit and I called to my brother to
either be quit or go to bed so I could get some dang sleep.

The water ran for about another minute and Finely it was turned off and the
light went out and then my brothers room like came on and things ruffled
like he was doing things to get ready for bed. After than the light went out
and everything was quiet. The next morning I got up and noticed his room
door was opened and I figured he had gotten up because he always closes his
door at night. I looked in and noticed he wasnít there and asked my mom
where he was. She looked at me kinda funny and said donít you remember? I
was like remember what? He went to your aunts house two days ago. I had
totally forgot he left because of someone in the bathroom making loud noises
I guess and because of his bedroom light being turned on and the sounds of
someone going to bed in the room. Well about a week or two after that I was
in my room and I had just turned off my little tv I had and wound my alarm
clock well not more than a few seconds after I put my head on my pillow my
alarm clock started ringing and I sat up and turned on the light I checked
the clock figuring I set it at the wrong time and I looked and it was set at
the right time and the pin witch you push in to set the alarm was still
pushed in and when the alarm rings it pops out a bit. I jokingly said well
if there is a spirit in her why donít they do that again just messing around
and as soon as the words came out of my mouth that damn alarm clock starting
ringing again. That freaked me out so much I took that clock and chucked it
across the room It hit the wall pretty hard and im amazed that the plastic
covering the clock face popped out and the clock kept working So I threw the
clock away in the trash and never said that again. About two days after that
I was in my room with the door slightly open and I had just gone to bed and
I saw a kind of dark shadow kind of thing that looked like a person walking
in the living room it was kind of hard to see but you could make out a
shape of a man or what I thought was a man walking in the living room coming
twords my room. I thought it might be my step dad but as it got closer it
was kind real dark looking and I saw what looked like a out stretched arm
going towards the door knob and it kind of sounded like something was trying
to turn a door knob of a door that was closed because it kind of shook a
little It then looked like to took one step into my room as the door swung
back it just vanished .

As soon as that happened I sat strait up and started cursing who the bleep
is in here what the bleep are you doing. I grabbed my chain for my light and
turned on the light and no one was standing there but the door was wide open
and there was a mark on the wall where it hit the wall kind of hard. I woke
my mom and step dad up with my yelling and cursing and I know that it
couldnít have been one of them going into my room because they were in bed
on the other side of my house and came only after they heard me yelling and
cussing and was wondering what the hell was going on. After that I havenít
really had any other real strange things happen besides a few strange dreams
Im not even totally sure I believe in supernatural things but after a
dream I had the other night it got me thinking about those things that
happened and I found the site and figured I would write it down for people
to read. Sorry for the long read.

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