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Aussie Stories by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

From: "Philip Vago"
Subject: Ghost Stories.
Date: Thursday, September 22, 2005 4:28 PM

Hi there.
after watching ghost hunters and the bbc equivalent, I thought I'd search
the internet for places that keep collections of ghost stories. And I found
your site.

I have probably had four paranormal experiences in my life starting when I
was 4 years old (1979) and the most recent was in 1998.

In 1979 at Burraneer Bay Rd Caringbah NSW Australia.
I did not think I was hallucinating, but here is my story nonetheless. I was
lying in bed and a demonic face appeared on the wall opposite me and we
talked. If it occured again I would have shit my pants, but when I was 4 and
I decided to talk to it.
Then on one occasion I tried to get out of bed and there was some sort of
invisible forcefield that blocked my exit from the bed. It was like
repelling me. I screamed for my parents and when they came and turned on the
light everything was ok. This happened again some nights later. I don't
remember when the paranormal activity ended. I think after fourth time my
parents came to me that these visitations ended.

In 1980 at Glaicher Pde Cronulla Australia.
My parents built a new house and at night, two things would happen. The
first would be my door knob would turn and door would open without anyone
else's aid. Secondly, It was like someone was breathing next to me. I held
my breath and I could hear someone breathing next to me. So after that I
said enough is enough and slept with the light on for the next 3 years.

In 1986 my family went to Queenstown New Zealand and stayed at the Cobb and
So I thought it was behind me. I had my silly stories that I would share if
ghost stories came up, but I felt a sort of forboding because I felt if I
talked about them, that would draw the spirits back into my life.
We'd been to Queenstown, NZ and stayed at the Cobb and Co there every year
for the past 6 years and nothing ever happened. Then I got my own room. The
room was above the bar (Diggers). Now this was definitely a haunt. I may
have been young when I experienced my first ghostly encounters and they
could be easily dismissed as hallucinations, but this was another kettle of
fish altogether.
The zippers of my suitcases started moving on their own. I heard them move
and they were like 15 feet away. I was a part of a church ~ fundamentalist
bible follower ~ and I thought faith would save me. But no it continued to
play with the zippers of my suitcase for about half an hour. The only way I
fell asleep that night was taunting the spirit and thn being aggressive.
That was my most vivid and nasty experience. It still gives me shivers
remembering it.

In 1998, I was staying Vancouver at the hotel next to a hospital in downtown
I imagine lots of people die there, so ghosts should be common as well. Well
this was a basic haunting. I was feeling quite fearless now. It still gives
me the shivers, but I'd learnt to be more spiritual. I wasn't a bible basher
anymore. So no faith, you just have to be spiritual when around ghosts
otherwise they'd make you insane. Basically something was walking around on
the carpets of my room and there was nothing there. I engaged it
threateningly. I told it I wasn't going to stand for it. And after 30
minutes of being aggressive, it left.


Philip Vago

P.S. I haven't put this in any other forum yet.

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