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Harold's Tree by obiwan [Reviews - 0]

From: "louis barton"
Subject: Harold's Tree
Date: Sunday, April 24, 2005 11:54 AM

Hello, I would like to tell you about a true story that has happened to me and some of my friends. This all starts at a place called Harold's Tree. Let me get into the legend of this place. I am not sure how long ago, but a man named Harold was married to a woman. Well, this woman found out that Harold was having an affair with another woman. So his wife killed him and then hung his dead body up in a tree. Which is now called Harold's Tree.
Now Rumor has it that if you drive by this tree and honk your horn 3 times then turn around and shine your lights on the tree and then put your keys on the hood of your car, you're suppose to see him and he'll get closer and closer to you'r car. The thing is to make him go away, ypu have to get your keys off of your hood and start up your car.

Well, some of my friends and i decided to do this one night. They told me the story and we did what we were suppose to do. And we seen this whiteish blueish figure coming towards my car.He was off in the ditch near the tree walking in the ditch towards my car. Needless to say that I started to get a little freaked out so I hurried to get my keys off my hood and started up my car and drove off. While driving off all my friends were laughing at me and telling me it was just our imagination because the story that was told befor we got there was suppose to freak us out and the figure that we seen was just the lights reflecting off of the city into the darkness of ditch and the imagination went wild making us think that the figure was moving closer because of the story that was told before. So i calmed down a little a bit. (But the story is true about what had happened to Harold)

So a few weeks later i took another group of friends there and i wanted to freak them out a little bit. But mainly in my car were guys and one other girl. The guys wanted to get out but me and my girlfriend wanted to stay in the car. They got out and me and the other girl drove around the block then came back. When we got back they came running to the car screaming for us to open the door. THey all piled in on my side and (there were about 3 of them) told me to go go go. They looked pretty freaked but we thought they were just messing with us but i did what i was told and played along with there little game. I seriously thought they were messing with us until we pulled into our favorite hangout spot at the transformers. They wouldn't tell us what was up so we just hung out and chit chatted for a while. Well me and one of my guy friends was sitting on the ground behind my car and resting our backs on the fence to the transformers when i noticed hand prints all over!
my back
bumber. the roads are made out of rock where we were at so my car was pretty dusty. And these weren't like any other hand prints where it took the dust away when you put your hand on it, it had dust hand prints. like someone just put their hands in dust and put there hand on my car. it was like dust on top of dust but the prints were clearly visible. And i know it couldn't have been one of the boys because they were in too much of a hurry to get into the car and they all piled in on my side with no one going behind my car.
So i figure something or someone did it. When i showed everyone else the handprints they all pretty much freaked out. and to this day those boys still won't speak about what had happened on that night.

I know this is a long story but it is completely true. i don't know how those prints got onto my car but it was real freaky and scary. to actually think that something got that close to me and my car and i didn't even know it.
But any way thanks for listening. Talk at ya all later

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